3rd Grade: Ancient Greece

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The test will take place on Febuary 25th. Please be sure to use the study guide as well. You may also use the "solpass.org" website as a review! Click on elementary, third grade social studies, and then the password is "bird." *Another great site for review is: Another review site: www.iq.poquoson.org

Mediterranean Sea

was used by the Greeks for "trade routes."
*The mountains and valleys of Ancient Greece separated it into "city-states."

mountainous terrain

made it difficult for the Greeks to control large land areas. The mountains protected the city-states.


is the "high hill" where important monuments and temples were built, including the Parthenon. (in Athens)


is the marketplace where goods and services were sold and bought.


Greece was the "birthplace" of democracy. The citizens participated in the government and helped "run" the government and made all the decisions (direct democracy). Women and slaves were not considered citizens in ancient times. Most city-states had a democracy type of government. Sparta didn't though!

Food, Farming, Clothing, and Trade

Rich soil was scarce (limited) and farming was done on hillsides and in the valleys.Greeks produced (grew) olives and grapes on the hillsides. They ate bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, fish, and a little meat. They specialized (were experts) in shipbuilding, farming, fishing, and pottery, and trading (specialization- being an expert in 1 thing) (interdependence- when you depend on other people or countries for goods) The Greeks wore a type of clothing called "tunics."

Architecture and Arts

Parthenon: A Greek temple built on the Acropolis in Athens to honor Athena(a goddess)

3 types of columns were first designed by the Greeks

Doric(simple), Ionic(swirls) ,Corinthian(very detailed)

Greek Architecture

is best characterized by the use of columns.


A mosaic is a picture or design made from small pieces of colored stone or glass. The Ancient Romans also made a lot of mosaics.


Greeks invented drama and theater. (only the men acted) The plays that were performed were tragedies and comedies
The Greeks gave us the Olympics. They honored their gods by holding sporting events called the Olympics.
We got our idea of the alphabet from the Greeks. Many words that we use today came from the Greek language.

Others Inventions

libraries, fractions, geometry, encyclopedia, clothes iron, maps, bridges, columns, special effects, boxing, stadiums, marathons, voting, anatomy(when you study the body), democracy

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