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  1. Jacopo della Quercia, Sienese, Wisdom, marble, Fonte Gaia, 1415, Piazza del Campo, Italy
  2. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Floretine, Crucifixion, 1410, gilded bronze, North Doors, Florence Baptistery, Florence
  3. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Florentine, Flagellation, 1410, gilded bronze, North Doors, Florence Baptistery, Florence
  4. Jacopo della Quercia, Sienese, Expulsion, marble, San Petronio, 1425, Italy
  5. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Florentine, Annunciation, gilded bronze, before 1400, North Doors, Florence Baptistery, Florence
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  1. Donatello, Florentine, Zuccone, marble, 1420, Campanile, Duomo, Florence


  2. Masolino, Madonna and Child, 1423, panel, Germany


  3. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Florentine, Sacrifice of Issac, gilded bronze, 1400, Competition relief for Florence Bapistery Doors, Florence


  4. Masolino, Florentine, Temptation of Adam and Eve, fresco, 1425, Brancacci Chapel, Sta. Maria del Carmine, Florence


  5. Masaccio, Crucifixion of St. Peter, 1426, predella panel of Pisa Polyptych, Sta. Maria del Carmine, Berlin


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