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  1. Three models to demonstrate communication:
  2. Primacy Effect
  3. High context culture
  4. Interaction Model
  5. self-serving bias
  1. a the tendency to attribute one's successes to internal causes and one's failures to external causes.
  2. b The first impression we have of someone overshadows our later impressions of the person
    First impressions set the tone for all future interaction
    Although powerful, first impressions are not unchangeable
  3. c treats communication as a two way process.
  4. d believes verbal communication should often be indirect.
    relies heavily on nonverbal cues
  5. e Action model, interaction model, transaction model

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  1. Physiological states and traits
    Culture and co-culture
    Social roles
  2. self awareness, adaptability, empathy, cognitive complexity, ethics.
  3. the process of assigning meaning to information that has been selected for attention and organized.
  4. symbols, language, values, norms
  5. Values traditionally feminine characteristics, such as sensitivity and nurturance

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  1. Attributionsare answers to "why" questions: why did something occur?


  2. stereotypingthe process of attending to a stimulus


  3. Selectionthe process of attending to a stimulus


  4. Individualistic culturebelieves people's primary responsibility is to their families, companies, and communities..


  5. Communication mythsmeans communicating in ways that are effective and appropriate


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