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  1. Interpersonal communication is
  2. Action Model
  3. Action model
  4. Polychronic Culture
  5. factors of interpretation
  1. a A source formulates an idea
    The source encodes the idea in the form of a message
    The message is sent through a communication channel
    A receiver decodes the message
    Interpretation is affected by noise
  2. b Communication that occurs between two people within the context of their relationship and that, as it evolves, helps them negotiate and define their relationship.

    IPC is pervasive
    IPC can improve our relationships
    IPC can improve our health
  3. c treats communication as a one way process
  4. d Sees time as non-linear; expectations for promptness vary according to the relationship
  5. e Personal knowledge
    Knowledge of other communicator
    Closeness of relationship with other communicator

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  1. Be mindful of your perceptions
    -Know yourself and your biases
    - Focus on other people's characteristics
    -Consider the context of the communication

    Check your perceptions
    - Separate interpretations from facts
    -Generate alternative perceptions
    -Engage in perception-checking
    -Revise your perceptions as needed
  2. is the tendency to view information in an overly idealistic way
  3. Sees time as linear; values promptness
  4. The learned, shared symbols, language, values and norms that distinguish one group of people from another
  5. Physical constructs
    Role constructs
    Interaction constructs
    Psychological constructs

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  1. Attributionsare answers to "why" questions: why did something occur?


  2. Selectionthe ongoing process of making meaning from what we experience in our environment


  3. organizationthe ongoing process of making meaning from what we experience in our environment


  4. Why do we communicate?physical needs, relational needs, identity needs, Spiritual needs, Instrumental needs,


  5. over attributionare answers to "why" questions: why did something occur?


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