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  1. Interaction Model
  2. Communication is governed by rules
  3. Cultural communication codes
  4. Several influences affect the accuracy of interpersonal perceptions:
  5. collectivistic culture
  1. a Explicit rules - rule about behavior that has been clearly articulated.
    Implicit rules - rule about behavior that has not been clearly articulated but is nonetheless understood.
  2. b believes people's primary responsibility is to their families, companies, and communities..
  3. c Includes all elements of the Action Model, and also suggests that:
    Receivers provide feedback through verbal and nonverbal behavior
    The context of communication affects its meaning
  4. d Idioms, Gestures
  5. e Physiological states and traits
    Culture and co-culture
    Social roles

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  1. the tendency to attribute one's successes to internal causes and one's failures to external causes.
  2. A predisposition to perceive only what we want or expect to perceive
    Our perceptual set is influenced by
    Our ethnicity
    Our sex and gender roles
    Our cultural experiences
    Our personal experiences
  3. Sees time as linear; values promptness
  4. The first impression we have of someone overshadows our later impressions of the person
    First impressions set the tone for all future interaction
    Although powerful, first impressions are not unchangeable
  5. The learned, shared symbols, language, values and norms that distinguish one group of people from another

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  1. Action modelIncludes all elements of the Interaction Model, and also suggests that:
    Both parties in conversation are simultaneously senders and receivers
    Communication flows in both directions at once


  2. Improving your perceptualsymbols, language, values, norms


  3. Communication competenceEveryone is an expert at communication
    Communication will solve any problem
    Communication is inherently good
    More communication is always better


  4. Action Modeltreats communication as a two way process.


  5. feminine culturevalues traditionally masculine characteristics, such as ambition and achievement


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