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  1. psychological constructs
  2. feminine culture
  3. Interpersonal perception is affected by several fundamental forces:
  4. Components of culture
  5. Low-Power-Distance Culture
  1. a Stereotyping
    Perceptual set
  2. b symbols, language, values, norms
  3. c Values traditionally feminine characteristics, such as sensitivity and nurturance
  4. d emphasize people's thoughts and feelings, causing us to notice that a person is angry, self assured, insecure, envious, or worried.
  5. e Believes in the basic equality of all people; does not allow any group to acquire too much power

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  1. Includes all elements of the Action Model, and also suggests that:
    Receivers provide feedback through verbal and nonverbal behavior
    The context of communication affects its meaning
  2. Be mindful of your perceptions
    -Know yourself and your biases
    - Focus on other people's characteristics
    -Consider the context of the communication

    Check your perceptions
    - Separate interpretations from facts
    -Generate alternative perceptions
    -Engage in perception-checking
    -Revise your perceptions as needed
  3. Self-serving bias
    Fundamental attribution error
    Over attribution
  4. believes in the concentration of power in the hands of certain groups.
  5. believes verbal communication should be straightforward and direct.
    "say what you mean and mean what you say"

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  1. High context culturebelieves verbal communication should be straightforward and direct.
    "say what you mean and mean what you say"


  2. Interpersonal communication isIdioms, Gestures


  3. Positivity and negativityThese biases influence our communication and satisfaction in long-term relationships


  4. Recency EffectThe first impression we have of someone overshadows our later impressions of the person
    First impressions set the tone for all future interaction
    Although powerful, first impressions are not unchangeable


  5. Several influences affect the accuracy of interpersonal perceptions:Personal knowledge
    Knowledge of other communicator
    Closeness of relationship with other communicator


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