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  1. dermatitis
  2. cellulitis
  3. eczema
  4. psoriasis
  5. urticaria
  1. a hives; red lesions caused by fluid loss from blood vessels
  2. b inflammation of tissues; hot red patches, treat with antimicrobials.
  3. c common inflammatory condition characterized by papules, vesicles, and crusts; not a disease itself but a symptom of an underlying condition
  4. d inflammation of the skin
  5. e chronic inflammatory condition accompanied by scaly plaques

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  1. caused by pressure from tight shoes or improper cut of nail.
  2. fungal infection (mycosis) of the skin; several forms occur
  3. furuncles; staphylococcal infection in hair follicles
  4. (bedsores) develop when pressure slows down blood flow to local areas of the skin
  5. caused by a group of fungi that feed on dead skin & perspiration. treated with antifungal drugs.

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  1. sclerodermadisorder of vessels and connective tissue characterized by hardening of the skin; two types: localized and systemic


  2. wartfuruncles; staphylococcal infection in hair follicles


  3. nevusfuruncles; staphylococcal infection in hair follicles


  4. herpes simplexcaused by herpes virus. "kissing herpes" or "genital herpes"


  5. alopeciabaldness. caused by hereditary factors, aging, disease, injury, chemotherapy


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