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  1. herpes simplex
  2. cellulitis
  3. urticaria
  4. nevus
  5. ringworm
  1. a caused by a group of fungi that feed on dead skin & perspiration. treated with antifungal drugs.
  2. b hives; red lesions caused by fluid loss from blood vessels
  3. c mole; removed by surgery or injections/radiotherapy
  4. d caused by herpes virus. "kissing herpes" or "genital herpes"
  5. e inflammation of tissues; hot red patches, treat with antimicrobials.

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  1. baldness. caused by hereditary factors, aging, disease, injury, chemotherapy
  2. STD; caused by person-to-person contact. antivirals help shorten episodes in the beginning
  3. "acne"; caused by increased oil production. treated with creams and lotions.
  4. benign neoplasm caused by papillomavirus
  5. common inflammatory condition characterized by papules, vesicles, and crusts; not a disease itself but a symptom of an underlying condition

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  1. ingrown nailscaused by pressure from tight shoes or improper cut of nail.


  2. decubitus ulcer(bedsores) develop when pressure slows down blood flow to local areas of the skin


  3. dermatitisinflammation of tissues; hot red patches, treat with antimicrobials.


  4. boilsmole; removed by surgery or injections/radiotherapy


  5. tineafungal infection (mycosis) of the skin; several forms occur


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