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  1. (n.) upward slope (ant. declivity)
  2. (adj.) perfect; superb; carried to the highest degree
  3. (n.) 1. Farthest point from the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body
    2. Highest point; culmination
  4. (n.) 1. Highest point; culmination; peak (ant. nadir)
    2. Point of the heavens directly overhead
  5. (adj.) 1. Steep as a precipice
    2. hasty; rash

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  1. Ethereal(adj.) of the heavens; celestial; airy; delicate; intangible


  2. Acme(n.) highest point; pinnacle; summit


  3. Climactic(adj.) arranged in order of increasing force and interest (ant. anticlimactic)


  4. Preeminent(adj.) standing out above others; superior


  5. Exalt(n.) highest point; pinnacle; summit


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