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Blood Test

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  1. Carbamino-hemoglobin is formed when
  2. hemoglobin is responsible for what
  3. life span of a white blood cell
  4. diapedesis
  5. eosinophiles
  1. a the red color in blood
  2. b hemoglobin combines with co2
  3. c movement of white blood cells through an unbroken capillary
  4. d varies with each blood cell
  5. e increase in the number in allergic condition; they release histamines

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  1. red bone marrow
  2. solid portion is 45% the volume of blood
  3. granulocytes and Agranulocytes
  4. lympocytes and monocytes
  5. process of forming white blood cells

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  1. Red Blood CellsMost numerous of formed elements


  2. basophilesincrease during chronic infection and during healing from the infection


  3. hemopoiesisprocess of forming white blood cells


  4. Oxy-hemoglobin is formed whenhemoglobin combines with oxygen (o2)


  5. leucocytosisincrease in white blood cells


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