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  1. plasma carries
  2. function of platelets or thrombocytes
  3. platelets or thrombocytes develop in
  4. Oxy-hemoglobin is formed when
  5. what is Heme
  1. a non-protein that contains iron, and imports the red color
  2. b nutirents, waste products, antibodies, clotting proteins called clotting factors, hormones, and proteins
  3. c hemoglobin combines with oxygen (o2)
  4. d helps prevent hemorrhage through clotting
  5. e red bone marrow

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  1. lympocytes and monocytes
  2. acidophiles
  3. Erythrocyte
  4. process of forming red blood cells which occurs in red bone marrow
  5. the Protein part of hemoglobin

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  1. nutriphilesare the most numerous of all white blood cells; they digest harmful bacteria


  2. another name for white blood cellsLeucocytes


  3. formed elementsmovement of white blood cells through an unbroken capillary


  4. 2 different names for nutrophilesacidophiles


  5. a mature red blood cells lacks whatbiconcave (caved in on both sides)


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