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  1. leucocytosis
  2. hemopoiesis
  3. monocytes
  4. plasma carries
  5. Carboxy-hemoglobin is formed when
  1. a hemoglobin is combined with carbon monoxide "cherry red color"
  2. b process of forming blood
  3. c increase in white blood cells
  4. d digest cellular debris and foreign particles; think of them as the clean up crew
  5. e nutirents, waste products, antibodies, clotting proteins called clotting factors, hormones, and proteins

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  1. is whats left after formed elements are removed from blood. its straw (amber or yellow) color; a clear yellowish fluid
  2. helps prevent hemorrhage through clotting
  3. hemoglobin combines with co2
  4. increase during chronic infection and during healing from the infection
  5. thromboplastin, prothromboplastin, calcium, fibrogen, and vitamin k

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  1. plasmaliquid blood is 55% the volume of blood


  2. Coagulationthe process of forming a clot


  3. sibstances in blood that prohibit clotting areantithrombin, and antiprothrombin


  4. another name for hemopoiesisacidophiles


  5. White Blood CellsMost numerous of formed elements


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