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  1. life span of red blood cells
  2. plasma
  3. Red Blood Cells
  4. what are the 2 portions of blood
  5. hemoglobin is responsible for what
  1. a liquid blood is 55% the volume of blood
  2. b Most numerous of formed elements
  3. c the red color in blood
  4. d 120 days
  5. e heme and globin

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  1. process of forming blood
  2. transports oxyen (nutrients) and co2 (waste)
  3. lympocytes and monocytes
  4. are the most numerous of all white blood cells; they digest harmful bacteria
  5. the shrinking of red blood cells which occurs in hypertonic solution

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  1. Platelets or Thrombocytesred bone marrow


  2. eosinophilesincrease in the number in allergic condition; they release histamines


  3. Coagulationthe process of forming a clot


  4. Serumplasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed


  5. 3 types of granulocyteslympocytes and monocytes


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