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  1. if formed elements are removed from blood what are you left with
  2. shape of red blood cells
  3. what is globin
  4. Carboxy-hemoglobin is formed when
  5. function of white blood cells
  1. a the Protein part of hemoglobin
  2. b plasma
  3. c helps fight infection or disease
  4. d biconcave (caved in on both sides)
  5. e hemoglobin is combined with carbon monoxide "cherry red color"

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  1. process of forming red blood cells which occurs in red bone marrow
  2. increase in white blood cells
  3. hemoglobin combines with oxygen (o2)
  4. increase during chronic infection and during healing from the infection
  5. heme and globin

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  1. what are the 2 portions to bloodheme and globin


  2. plasmaplasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed


  3. another name for a Red Blood CellErythrocyte


  4. leucopenialack of white blood cells


  5. leucopoiesisprocess of forming blood


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