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  1. function of platelets or thrombocytes
  2. substances that promote clotting
  3. Coagulation
  4. plasma
  5. Serum
  1. a plasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed
  2. b the process of forming a clot
  3. c thromboplastin, prothromboplastin, calcium, fibrogen, and vitamin k
  4. d helps prevent hemorrhage through clotting
  5. e liquid blood is 55% the volume of blood

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  1. the shrinking of red blood cells which occurs in hypertonic solution
  2. solid portion is 45% the volume of blood
  3. no granules in the cyotplasm. develops in myeloid tissue and lymphoid tissue
  4. formed elements and plasma
  5. lack of white blood cells

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  1. diapedesismovement of white blood cells through an unbroken capillary


  2. White Blood Cellshave a nucleus but lacks hemoglobin


  3. 2 types of AgranulocytesNutrophiles, eosinophils, and basophiles


  4. sibstances in blood that prohibit clotting arethromboplastin, prothromboplastin, calcium, fibrogen, and vitamin k


  5. what is Hemethe Protein part of hemoglobin


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