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  1. Carbamino-hemoglobin is formed when
  2. what are the 2 portions to blood
  3. hemolysis
  4. formed elements
  5. life span of a white blood cell
  1. a varies with each blood cell
  2. b hemoglobin combines with co2
  3. c the sweling and bursting of red blood cells which occurs in a hypotonic solution
  4. d solid portion is 45% the volume of blood
  5. e formed elements and plasma

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  1. no granules in the cyotplasm. develops in myeloid tissue and lymphoid tissue
  2. the red color in blood
  3. will increase if you have viral infection; they also help form antibodies at the site of inflammation
  4. heme and globin
  5. have a nucleus but lacks hemoglobin

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  1. 2 types of Agranulocyteslympocytes and monocytes


  2. Red Blood CellsMost numerous of formed elements


  3. 2 different names for nutrophilespolys or polymorpho neuclear lucocytes


  4. plasmaplasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed


  5. Oxy-hemoglobin is formed whenhemoglobin is combined with carbon monoxide "cherry red color"


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