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  1. what is globin
  2. basophiles
  3. 2 types of Agranulocytes
  4. substances that promote clotting
  5. life span of a white blood cell
  1. a increase during chronic infection and during healing from the infection
  2. b thromboplastin, prothromboplastin, calcium, fibrogen, and vitamin k
  3. c lympocytes and monocytes
  4. d the Protein part of hemoglobin
  5. e varies with each blood cell

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  1. antithrombin, and antiprothrombin
  2. lack of white blood cells
  3. no granules in the cyotplasm. develops in myeloid tissue and lymphoid tissue
  4. have a nucleus but lacks hemoglobin
  5. increase in the number in allergic condition; they release histamines

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  1. 2 different names for nutrophilespolys or polymorpho neuclear lucocytes


  2. shape of red blood cellstransports oxyen (nutrients) and co2 (waste)


  3. another name for hemopoiesisLeucocytes


  4. Serumplasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed


  5. Plasmais whats left after formed elements are removed from blood. its straw (amber or yellow) color; a clear yellowish fluid


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