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  1. lymphocytes
  2. 2 different names for nutrophiles
  3. sibstances in blood that prohibit clotting are
  4. Serum
  5. basophiles
  1. a plasma minus the clotting proteins. fluid that remains after a clot has formed
  2. b antithrombin, and antiprothrombin
  3. c polys or polymorpho neuclear lucocytes
  4. d increase during chronic infection and during healing from the infection
  5. e will increase if you have viral infection; they also help form antibodies at the site of inflammation

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  1. they do not have a nucleus and they are the smallest of the formed elements
  2. hemoglobin combines with oxygen (o2)
  3. no granules in the cyotplasm. develops in myeloid tissue and lymphoid tissue
  4. solid portion is 45% the volume of blood
  5. process of forming white blood cells

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  1. Red Blood CellsMost numerous of formed elements


  2. nutriphilesincrease during chronic infection and during healing from the infection


  3. what is globinthe Protein part of hemoglobin


  4. Coagulationthe process of forming a clot


  5. substances that promote clottingantithrombin, and antiprothrombin


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