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  1. Flies
  2. tiny movements
  3. flies
  4. 150 million
  5. half
  1. a the 6-gill SHark which can grow 8 meters, has remained unchanged for nearly______ yrs
  2. b The fins behind the head of the Tripod Fish, found on the Abyssal Plain, are sensitive to
  3. c The Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface
  4. d The minorcan lizards feed on _____ attracted by special plants
  5. e Pygmy Leaf Chameleons feed on ____

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  1. Meller's Chameleon may reach _____ in length
  2. Photosynthesis underwater is impossible at depths below_____ meters
  3. Female five-lined skinks in____ warm their bodies by basking and then use that heat to warm their eggs
  4. At a depth of 1000 meters or more, the Sperm Whale's lungs are compressed to____% of their volume
  5. many small organisms of the deep use cilia to____

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  1. FalsePygmy Leaf Chameleons feed on ____


  2. temperatureArmadillo Lizards of South Africa bask socially to avoid___


  3. FalseReptiles use only about 80% of the energy needed to warm a similar sized mammal T/F


  4. TruePolychaete worms,mussels, crabs, and tubeworms are among about 500 species living at underwater vents that do not depend on energy from______


  5. GalapagosThe Abyssal Plain cover over ____ of the earth's surface


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