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  1. 4-5mins
  2. blood vessels
  3. woodlands of North America
  4. True
  5. California
  1. a A Humback Whale calf at the age of four weeks must surface and gulp air every____
  2. b Female SIde-bloched lizards in_____ choose males who have the best heating
  3. c Female five-lined skinks in____ warm their bodies by basking and then use that heat to warm their eggs
  4. d In the fossilized plates on the back of a Stegosaurus one can see lines that were once_____
  5. e David Attenborough improved reproduct stats by building a bigger rock pile for a male side-blotched lizard T/F

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  1. Male tortoises may fight over females for as long as___
  2. Chameleons may use color changes to express emotions T/F
  3. Research indicates that Humpback Whales are attracted mostly by_____
  4. Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere have more _____ marking that humpbacks from the northern hemisphere
  5. THe Waxy Monkey Frog of _______ protects itself from intense sun light by secreting a waxy body covering

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  1. termite nestsHumpback Whales sing a song that last for


  2. temperatureResearchers have confirmed that the song of the Humpback Whales changes over the course of the breeding season T/F


  3. fliesLarge male Humpback Whale that visits the cow and her calf in the Hawaiian water is probably there to help guard the calf T/F


  4. FalseReptiles are incapable of being warm-hearted


  5. sunAt a depth of 1000 meters or more, the Sperm Whale's lungs are compressed to____% of their volume


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