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  1. 150 million
  2. mirror
  3. blood vessels
  4. True
  5. temperature
  1. a Sex in crocodiles is determined by the _____ of the nest
  2. b In the fossilized plates on the back of a Stegosaurus one can see lines that were once_____
  3. c the 6-gill SHark which can grow 8 meters, has remained unchanged for nearly______ yrs
  4. d SOme geckos feed on honeydew T/f
  5. e David Attenborough used a _____ to trick an American Anolis lizard

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  1. Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere have more _____ marking that humpbacks from the northern hemisphere
  2. Sensory pits on the CHimaera's chin may allow the fish to
  3. The polyps of the mushroom Coral are the largest among corals in order to_____
  4. About_____ Humpback Whales spend each winter in waters off the Hawaiian Islands
  5. The fins behind the head of the Tripod Fish, found on the Abyssal Plain, are sensitive to

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  1. South AmericaBioluminescece, whic is generated by_____ is used by deep ocean animals to attract and locate prey, excape, from predators and communicate


  2. shingle backThe_____ of AUstralia is also called the Sleepy Lizard


  3. TrueResearchers have confirmed that the song of the Humpback Whales changes over the course of the breeding season T/F


  4. Basking in su and sun baked rocksMarine Iguanas gain heat through


  5. 1/2 hrMale tortoises may fight over females for as long as___


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