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  1. 5000
  2. stress and lack of feeding
  3. Mexican beaded
  4. 1/2 hr
  5. 6
  1. a The_____ is a poisonous lizard
  2. b There is a huge concentration of about___ tortoises on Dassen Island
  3. c If mating frenzies involving several bull Humpback Whales and a female are too frequent the calf can die from_____
  4. d Humpbacks from southeastern Alaska swim south at ___ miles per hour
  5. e Male tortoises may fight over females for as long as___

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  1. David Attenborough improved reproduct stats by building a bigger rock pile for a male side-blotched lizard T/F
  2. Reptiles use only about 80% of the energy needed to warm a similar sized mammal T/F
  3. David Attenborough used a _____ to trick an American Anolis lizard
  4. Shingle-back Skinks in Australia may stay with the same mate for 20 yrs or more
  5. Marine Iguanas are found in the _____ Islands

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  1. 500 milesA Humback Whale calf at the age of four weeks must surface and gulp air every____


  2. WhitePygmy Leaf Chameleons feed on ____


  3. hunt prey on the bottomAustralia Lace Monitors lay their eggs in_____


  4. FliesThe minorcan lizards feed on _____ attracted by special plants


  5. FalseThe once common Minorcan plant is now rare in part because lizards kill the flies that germinated the plant T/F


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