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  1. 500 miles
  2. 60cm nearly 2 ft
  3. 1/2 hr
  4. False
  5. 150 million
  1. a Meller's Chameleon may reach _____ in length
  2. b the 6-gill SHark which can grow 8 meters, has remained unchanged for nearly______ yrs
  3. c Male tortoises may fight over females for as long as___
  4. d The call of a humback whale may carry _____
  5. e Reptiles use only about 80% of the energy needed to warm a similar sized mammal T/F

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  1. Marine Iguanas gain heat through
  2. THe Waxy Monkey Frog of _______ protects itself from intense sun light by secreting a waxy body covering
  3. Ice crystals from in the bodies of baby Painted Turtles
  4. At a depth of 1000 meters or more, the Sperm Whale's lungs are compressed to____% of their volume
  5. Sex in crocodiles is determined by the _____ of the nest

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  1. SulfidesAt cold seeps, mussels get their energy from___ that fix the methane that seeps from the seabed


  2. catch a lot of foodThe polyps of the mushroom Coral are the largest among corals in order to_____


  3. FliesThe minorcan lizards feed on _____ attracted by special plants


  4. mirrorDavid Attenborough used a _____ to trick an American Anolis lizard


  5. fliesPygmy Leaf Chameleons feed on ____


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