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  1. Christopher Dock
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. Antarctic
  4. Africa
  5. Arctic Ocean
  1. a continent at the BOTTOM of the WORLD
  2. b invented the ROCKING CHAIR; good friend of GEORGE WHITEFIELD
  3. c continent Vaso da Gama sailed around from Portugal to Asia
  4. d greatly influenced AMERICAN SCHOOLS
  5. e most NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean

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  2. colony first to offer complete RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
  3. leader of JAMESTOWN who made people WORK FOR FOOD
  4. used by MILLIONS OF CHILDREN for over 150 years
  5. CHIEF FOOD CROP in the new colonies

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  1. Fishingmajor INDUSTRY in New England


  2. Roger Williamsfounded the colony of RHODE ISLAND


  3. George Whitefieldstarted the first ORPHANAGE in America


  4. Quebecthe first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World


  5. New Francethe first name for CANADA


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