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  1. Atlantic Ocean
  2. Corn
  3. Christopher Dock
  4. Antarctic
  5. Asia
  1. a CHIEF FOOD CROP in the new colonies
  2. b greatly influenced AMERICAN SCHOOLS
  3. c continent at the BOTTOM of the WORLD
  4. d continent Columbus was trying to reach
  5. e ocean that touches the EAST coast of the United States

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  1. the first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World
  2. ocean that touches the WEST Coast of the United States
  3. a REFUGE for the QUAKERS
  4. leader of JAMESTOWN who made people WORK FOR FOOD

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  1. Benjamin Franklininvented the ROCKING CHAIR; good friend of GEORGE WHITEFIELD


  2. New Francethe first name for CANADA


  3. New England Primerthe first name for CANADA


  4. Africacontinent Columbus was trying to reach


  5. William Pennfounded the colony of PENNSYLVANIA


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