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  1. Atlantic Ocean
  2. Thomas Hooker
  3. San Salvador
  4. Indian Ocean
  5. Georgia
  2. b founder of CONNECTICUT
  3. c ocean that touches the EAST coast of the United States
  4. d POOR people and PRISONERS first settled here
  5. e the place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED

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  1. continent Columbus was trying to reach
  2. the first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World
  3. the first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World
  4. most NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean
  5. leader of JAMESTOWN who made people WORK FOR FOOD

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  1. James Oglethorpethe place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED


  2. Benjamin Franklinthe first name for CANADA


  3. New YorkENGLAND, FRANCE AND HOLLAND claimed this land


  4. Roger Williamsfounded the colony of RHODE ISLAND


  5. Plymouththe name of the FIRST PILGRIM SETTLEMENT


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