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  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Quebec
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Corn
  5. Fishing
  1. a settled to be a refuge for the PURITANS
  2. b the first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World
  3. c CHIEF FOOD CROP in the new colonies
  4. d ocean that touches the WEST Coast of the United States
  5. e major INDUSTRY in New England

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  1. founder of CONNECTICUT
  2. used by MILLIONS OF CHILDREN for over 150 years
  4. ENGLAND, FRANCE AND HOLLAND claimed this land
  5. the pilgrims came to America on this SHIP

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  1. James Oglethorpethe place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED


  2. George Whitefieldstarted the first ORPHANAGE in America


  3. San Salvadorthe place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED


  4. William Pennocean BETWEEN AFRICA and AUSTRALIA


  5. Atlantic Oceanocean that touches the EAST coast of the United States


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