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  1. San Salvador
  2. Africa
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Antarctic
  5. St. Augustine
  1. a the place where COLUMBUS FIRST LANDED
  2. b a REFUGE for the QUAKERS
  3. c continent at the BOTTOM of the WORLD
  4. d continent Vaso da Gama sailed around from Portugal to Asia
  5. e the first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World

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  1. the first name for CANADA
  2. founded the colony of GEORGIA
  3. most NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean
  4. founded the colony of PENNSYLVANIA
  5. used by MILLIONS OF CHILDREN for over 150 years

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  1. North Americacontinent that contains Canada, Mexico & the United States


  2. Pacific Oceanmost NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean


  3. Benjamin Franklininvented the ROCKING CHAIR; good friend of GEORGE WHITEFIELD


  4. AustraliaCONTINENT with only ONE COUNTRY


  5. Massachusettssettled to be a refuge for the PURITANS


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