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  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Asia
  3. Plymouth
  4. Harvard
  5. Massachusetts
  1. a ocean that touches the WEST Coast of the United States
  2. b the name of the FIRST PILGRIM SETTLEMENT
  3. c settled to be a refuge for the PURITANS
  4. d the FIRST COLLEGE in America
  5. e continent Columbus was trying to reach

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  1. invented the ROCKING CHAIR; good friend of GEORGE WHITEFIELD
  2. started the first ORPHANAGE in America
  3. a REFUGE for the QUAKERS
  4. a REFUGE for the CATHOLICS
  5. the first name for CANADA

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  1. Africacontinent Vaso da Gama sailed around from Portugal to Asia


  2. Indian Oceanocean BETWEEN AFRICA and AUSTRALIA


  3. New YorkENGLAND, FRANCE AND HOLLAND claimed this land


  4. St. Augustinethe first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World


  5. Quebecthe first permanent FRENCH settlement in the New World


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