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  1. Plymouth
  2. Harvard
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. New England Primer
  5. St. Augustine
  1. a the first permanent EUROPEAN settlement in the New World
  3. c the FIRST COLLEGE in America
  4. d used by MILLIONS OF CHILDREN for over 150 years
  5. e the name of the FIRST PILGRIM SETTLEMENT

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  1. founded the colony of PENNSYLVANIA
  2. continent at the BOTTOM of the WORLD
  3. the first name for CANADA
  4. the pilgrims came to America on this SHIP
  5. started the first ORPHANAGE in America

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  1. Fishingcontinent Columbus was trying to reach


  2. AustraliaCONTINENT with only ONE COUNTRY


  3. GeorgiaPOOR people and PRISONERS first settled here


  4. Marylandthe FIRST COLLEGE in America


  5. Arctic Oceanmost NORTHERN ocean and the COLDEST ocean


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