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  1. mumps
  2. Blood type(s) that someone with type O blood can safely donate to.
  3. hypertension
  1. a another name for high blood pressure
  2. b virus
  3. c A, B, AB, and O

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  1. white blood cellss
  2. low in oxygen
  3. the water and disolved substances not taken in by cells that remains between the cells
  4. cilia
  5. heart and lungs

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  1. When tissue is damaged by infection, it becomes ____________.inflamed


  2. When blood moves from an atrium to a ventricle, it must pass through a _________.inflamed


  3. Blood type(s) that soemone with type AB blood can safely donate to.Only AB


  4. tetanusbacteria


  5. Anemia is a disorder where ther are too few ___________in the blood cells


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