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  1. Blood type(s) that someone with type O blood can safely donate to.
  2. influenza
  3. In pulmonary circulation, blood flows through two organs, the ________________.
  4. tetanus
  5. Blood is veins is _________.
  1. a A, B, AB, and O
  2. b heart and lungs
  3. c virus
  4. d low in oxygen
  5. e bacteria

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  1. virus
  2. white blood cells
  3. heart
  4. Only O
  5. virus

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  1. Your _____________is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and body system that fight foreighn organisms.Hydrochloric acid


  2. Anemia is a disorder where ther are too few ___________in the blood cells


  3. Your respiratory system has _________and mucus in the nose and throat to trap pathogens.white


  4. Lymphthe water and disolved substances not taken in by cells that remains between the cells


  5. When blood moves from an atrium to a ventricle, it must pass through a _________.inflamed


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