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  1. mumps
  2. Platelets
  3. Blood type(s) that someone with type O blood can safely receive.
  1. a virus
  2. b Only O
  3. c help clot blood

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  1. right atruim
  2. another name for high blood pressure
  3. an Engllish surgeon that recognized the relationship between the death rate and the degree of cleanliness in surgery in the 1800's
  4. bacteria
  5. bacteria

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  1. _________diseases are spread by water, air, food, contact, and by organisms.Infections


  2. When tissue is damaged by infection, it becomes ____________.carbon dioxide and oxygen.


  3. Hemoglobin picks up_____________.carbon dioxide and oxygen.


  4. The _________________fight bacteria and viruses.white blood cells


  5. Your _____________is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and body system that fight foreighn organisms.Hydrochloric acid


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