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  1. diphtheria
  2. Your _____________is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and body system that fight foreighn organisms.
  3. influenza
  4. ___________is a barrier that prevents many pathogens from entering the body.
  1. a immune system
  2. b virus
  3. c bacteria
  4. d skin

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  1. white
  2. low in oxygen
  3. an Engllish surgeon that recognized the relationship between the death rate and the degree of cleanliness in surgery in the 1800's
  4. (a) enzymes
    (b) liver
  5. Only AB

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  1. Anemia is a disorder where ther are too few ___________in the blood cells


  2. In systemic circulation, blood returns from your abdomen through the inferior vena cava to the _____________.heart


  3. ______________in your stomach kills bacteria that enter your body on the food that you eat.Hydrochloric acid


  4. mumpsvirus


  5. When tissue is damaged by infection, it becomes ____________.inflamed


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