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  1. In the digestive system,
    (a)________in your mouth, stomach, pancreas, and
    (b)___________destroy pathogens.
  2. influenza
  3. Blood is veins is _________.
  4. Leukemia is a deisease in which _________are produced in great numbers.
  1. a virus
  2. b white blood cellss
  3. c (a) enzymes
    (b) liver
  4. d low in oxygen

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  1. cilia
  2. help clot blood
  3. white blood cells
  4. virus
  5. Hydrochloric acid

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  1. hepatitisvirus


  2. Your circulatory system contains _________blood cells that surround an digest foreign organisms and chemicals as they enter the body.white


  3. strep throatbacteria


  4. Blood type(s) that soemone with type AB blood can safely donate to.Only AB


  5. Anemia is a disorder where ther are too few ___________in the blood cells


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