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  1. There are 6 objectives for reading instruction for remedial readers. Name the first 3.
  2. What is the rime of bag?
  3. Name 4 stages of reading development.
  4. T/F: Approximately 2 years of phonics instruction is sufficient for most students.
  5. Grapheme
  1. a Smallest part of a written language
    that represents a phoneme
    when spelling a word.
  2. b 1. Assessment of identified reading weakness (diagnosis)

    2. Teaching explicit strategies based on diagnosis

    3. Linking instruction to prior knowledge
  3. c 4 Stages of Reading Development:

    1. Emergent

    2. Beginning

    3. Fluent

    4. Remedial
  4. d -ag
  5. e True :-)

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  1. * Breaking words into phonemes or syllables
    * Breaking syllables into onsets & rimes
  2. With reading instruction the child should begin basic phonemic awareness:

    1. Begin to recognize print in the environment

    2. Begin to recognize letter shapes

    3. Begin to make predictions in stories

    4. Pretend to read
  3. ... the ability to manipulate the sound structure of language.
  4. A word part that contains a
    vowel or vowel sound.
  5. ... sounds work together to make words.

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  1. Emergent readers are often in what age range?4th to 8th.


  2. Onset is the:The part of a syllable that contains the vowel and everything after it.


  3. Is syntax also the examination of various ways that words combine to create meaning?... syllables.


  4. Decoding is:The analysis of spoken or written symbols
    in order to understand meaning.


  5. Define metacognitionA unit of meaning that cannot be divided into smaller elements.


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