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  1. Grapheme
  2. Fluent readers are often in what grade range?
  3. Fluent readers can be characterized as:
    - pre-alphabetic
    - Alphabetic
    - Orthographic
  4. Systematic phonics instruction has these 3 characteristics:
  5. An example of visual clues in environmental print would be ...
  1. a Smallest part of a written language
    that represents a phoneme
    when spelling a word.
  2. b 1. Planned

    2. Carefully selected letter/sound relationships

    3. Logically sequenced
  3. c 4th to 8th.
  4. d Orthographic

    Orthographic: ability to decode using larger units of print.
  5. e Letters in a child's name

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  1. Vocabulary

    1. Word-attack skills

    2. Spelling
  2. Yes.
  3. The part of a syllable that contains the vowel and everything after it.
  4. ... explicit
  5. The smallest part of spoken language
    that makes a difference in the meaning of words.

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  1. Phonemic awareness is the ability to:* Hear
    * Identify
    * Manipulate
    the phonemes in spoken words


  2. Decoding is:The analysis and study of
    meanings of
    words, phrases, and sentences.


  3. Can the combination of syllables creating words be called blending?Onset


  4. Is the b- in bag the onset or the rime?Initial consonant sound of a syllable.


  5. Explicit phonics programs ...The understanding that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes.


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