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  1. What is the rime of bag?
  2. Explicit phonics programs ...
  3. Phoneme Manipulation is:
  4. Remedial readers are taught from the same systematic framework used in the early grades. Are the developmental expectations the same?
  5. Name 4 objectives of reading instruction for emergent readers.
  1. a -ag
  2. b ... provide teachers with
    precise directions for teaching
    letter/sound relationships.
  3. c With reading instruction the child should begin basic phonemic awareness:

    1. Begin to recognize print in the environment

    2. Begin to recognize letter shapes

    3. Begin to make predictions in stories

    4. Pretend to read
  4. d No.

    The expectation is that these students will acquire reading skills consistent with the standards.
  5. e * Blending phonemes to make words

    * Segmenting words into phonemes

    * Deleting/Adding phonemes from/to words

    * Substituting phonemes to make new words

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  1. ... explicit
  2. 4th to 8th.
  3. 1. Planned

    2. Carefully selected letter/sound relationships

    3. Logically sequenced
  4. Yes.
  5. 1. Work-attack skills (multisyllabic words)

    2. Decoding

    3. Spelling and vocabulary

    4. Fluency

    5. Comprehension of text (context skills)

    6. Utilizing metacognition

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  1. Is the b- in bag the onset or the rime?Onset


  2. The vocabulary objective of beginning reading instruction should include 3 elements. Name them.Phonics:

    * Phonemic awareness

    * Phonemic blending

    * Phonemic decoding


  3. Semantics is:The analysis and study of
    meanings of
    words, phrases, and sentences.


  4. Beginning readers should receive systematic and explicit instruction in reading.
    Name 4 objectives of this instruction.
    The age of beginning readers often ranges between:
    K to 2nd (3rd) grade


  5. Is syntax also the examination of various ways that words combine to create meaning?Yes.


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