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  1. Relative cell reference
  2. Nonadjacent range
  3. Sheet
  4. Output
  5. Plot area
  1. a A group of individual cells or ranges of cells that are not next to each other
  2. b The information the worksheet is designed to generate
  3. c The area defined by the X and Y axes of a chart
  4. d A page in an Excel workbook
  5. e Cell reference which changes according to the location of the cell in which the reference occurs

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  1. A type of software for evaluating information
  2. The specific values on which the function is to operate
  3. Cell reference which remains fixed even if the cell in which the reference occurs is moving to a new location
  4. A single cell or any rectangular block of cells
  5. A chart which is positioned as part of an existing worksheet

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  1. ChartA graphic representation of data


  2. FormulasFound directly above column headings; shows location in spreadsheet and what was typed in cell


  3. Chart sheetA special worksheet which contains a single chart only


  4. Data pointA single value originating in a worksheet


  5. Sheet tabA page in an Excel workbook


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