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  1. Argument
  2. Sheet
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. Input
  5. Workbook
  1. a Data that is to be entered into a worksheet
  2. b A type of software for evaluating information
  3. c The name of a document in Excel
  4. d The specific values on which the function is to operate
  5. e A page in an Excel workbook

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  1. Tabs you use to select different sheets
  2. The area defined by the X and Y axes of a chart
  3. A chart which is positioned as part of an existing worksheet
  4. The information the worksheet is designed to generate
  5. A prewritten formula that provides a shortcut to common calculations

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  1. Data pointA single value originating in a worksheet


  2. Relative cell referenceCell reference which remains fixed even if the cell in which the reference occurs is moving to a new location


  3. Formula BarAn arithmetical expression used to calculate values


  4. RangeA single cell or any rectangular block of cells


  5. ValuesNumbers that represent a quantity


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