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  1. Another prince with the name of an earlier ruler, Chandragupta founded the ______________________________.
  2. A series of steps that solve a problem that are still used by computer programmers to tell computers what to do. Invented by early Indians.
  3. Ancient Indians understood the Earth was round and that it ______________________________________.
  4. Capital city in the Mauryan dynasty.
  5. Buddhist shrines that have the shape of a dome or mound. Asoka had laborers build thousands.

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  1. GuptasThey made Hinduism the official religion.


  2. Mauryan dynastyVery famous epic written in India that is the longest poem in any language (about 88,000 verses)


  3. art and scienceDuring the Gupta dynasty, India had a golden age of _____________________________.


  4. Centralized governmentDuring the Gupta dynasty, India had a golden age of _____________________________.


  5. Chandragupta MauryaIndian raja that founded India's first empire. He conquered weak kingdoms left by Alexander the Great.


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