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  1. They made Hinduism the official religion.
  2. Indian mathematicians developed the idea of __________and a symbol to represent it.
  3. Buddhist shrines that have the shape of a dome or mound. Asoka had laborers build thousands.
  4. Had great achievements which included a centralized government and a postal system.
  5. Government in which the rulers run the government from a capital city

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  1. PataliputraVery famous epic written in India that is the longest poem in any language (about 88,000 verses)


  2. Golden ageDevelopment of art and science during the Gupta empire was called the ________________________________


  3. Chandragupta MauryaIndian raja that founded India's first empire. He conquered weak kingdoms left by Alexander the Great.


  4. algorithmThey made Hinduism the official religion.


  5. Gupta empireThey made Hinduism the official religion.


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