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  1. Indian mathematicians developed the idea of __________and a symbol to represent it.
  2. They made Hinduism the official religion.
  3. Capital city in the Mauryan dynasty.
  4. Most Indian literature stresses ___________________that each person must do his or her duty, regardless of social status.
  5. Another prince with the name of an earlier ruler, Chandragupta founded the ______________________________.

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  1. algorithmA series of steps that solve a problem that are still used by computer programmers to tell computers what to do. Invented by early Indians.


  2. numbers 1-9Development of art and science during the Gupta empire was called the ________________________________


  3. stupasThey made Hinduism the official religion.


  4. Centralized governmentDuring the Gupta dynasty, India had a golden age of _____________________________.


  5. Golden ageThey made Hinduism the official religion.


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