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  1. Diagnosis Code
  2. Orientation
  3. Inactive
  4. Grouping
  5. SOAP Notes
  1. a Scheduling patients with the same medical problem on the same day
  2. b The most commonly used form of note writing
  3. c Patients who are not under the care of the physician for six months or more
  4. d What is a step of employee recruitment?
  5. e This is built into the EHR system

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  1. Placing a mark on the paper indicating it is now ready to be filed
  2. What is the oldest filing system?
  3. Diagnosis based solely on the evaluation of the health history of the patient and the physical exam findings.
  4. Patients who are returning to the office
  5. Deciding where to file the letter/paper

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  1. Storing/FilingArranging papers in filing sequence


  2. Office VisitSymptoms that can be seen


  3. ChronologicallyThe way papers are filed in a patient's chart


  4. Rule OutWhat does R/O stand for?


  5. Removing StaplesPatients who are currently under the physician's care


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