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  1. Complete Physical Examination
  2. Established Patients
  3. Plan
  4. Locked
  5. Disseminating Information
  1. a Define CPE
  2. b This should be done to the patient's medical records when leaving the office
  3. c What does the "P" in SOAP stand for?
  4. d Patients who are returning to the office
  5. e A purpose of a staff meeting is...

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  1. Used to schedule appointments
  2. Results Needed Immediately
  3. When a patient does not show up for an appointment
  4. Patients who are not under the care of the physician for six months or more
  5. Patients who are not under the care of the physician.

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  1. Double BookingScheduling two patients at the same time


  2. SortingScheduling patients with the same medical problem on the same day


  3. Detail PersonPlacing a mark on the paper indicating it is now ready to be filed


  4. Removing StaplesPlacing items in the proper location in the filing system


  5. Modified Wave SchedulingEx: Schedule two patients for the same time and then the third patient is scheduled for half an hour later.


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