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  1. Clinical Diagnosis
  2. Right to Left
  3. Complete Physical Examination
  4. Invoice
  5. Agenda
  1. a Diagnosis based solely on the evaluation of the health history of the patient and the physical exam findings.
  2. b Define CPE
  3. c Topics to be discussed during a meeting
  4. d In terminal digit filing, how are the numbers read?
  5. e List of items ordered.

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  1. What is the term for a possible diagnosis?
  2. When a patient does not show up for an appointment
  3. Define NP
  4. What does R/O stand for?
  5. The most commonly used form of note writing

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  1. Storing/FilingPlacing items in the proper location in the filing system


  2. ObjectiveInformation that is provided by the patient


  3. Office Policy ManagementIncludes all job descriptions and steps for procedures performed in the office


  4. Left to RightIn terminal digit filing, how are the numbers read?


  5. Appointment CardThese are used to confirm a patient's appointment


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