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Medical Records Theory Test

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  1. Modified Wave Scheduling
  2. Indefinitely
  3. Dr. Lawrence Weed
  4. Disseminating Information
  5. Allergies
  1. a A purpose of a staff meeting is...
  2. b Who introduced SOAP notes?
  3. c Ex: Schedule two patients for the same time and then the third patient is scheduled for half an hour later.
  4. d How long must a patient's medical records be kept?
  5. e These are usually documented in capital letters in the chart

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  1. Placing items in the proper location in the filing system
  2. Notes/Summary of a meeting
  3. What does R/O stand for?
  4. Define NP
  5. Patients who are not under the care of the physician.

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  1. Tickler FileReminder File


  2. House CallsSome physicians still do these.


  3. Left to RightIn terminal digit filing, how are the numbers read?


  4. GroupingArranging papers in filing sequence


  5. Primary Care ProviderThis person manages the long-term health of the patient


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