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  1. House Calls
  2. Statistical Data
  3. Open Scheduling
  4. Agenda
  5. Closed
  1. a Some physicians still do these.
  2. b Patients are seen on a first come first serve basis
  3. c Patients who are not under the care of the physician.
  4. d This may be used in the preparation of scientific papers, books, and lectures
  5. e Topics to be discussed during a meeting

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  1. Who introduced SOAP notes?
  2. Used to schedule appointments
  3. The most commonly used form of note writing
  4. Define OV
  5. This should be done to the patient's medical records when leaving the office

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  1. AutocraticArranging papers in filing sequence


  2. IndefinitelyDeciding where to file the letter/paper


  3. Right to LeftIn terminal digit filing, how are the numbers read?


  4. IndexingDeciding where to file the letter/paper


  5. MinutesList of items ordered.


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