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  1. Testimonials
  2. Bandwagon
  3. Statistics
  4. Glittering Generalities
  1. a They lost their last eight games by 20 points or more. But all things considered, they'll take their chances with what they have.
  2. b persuasive technique that has an expert or someone you respect endorse an idea so that you will want to believe that also
  3. c You can understand why effective waste management is so important to you and everyone else.
  4. d Private citizens can play a critical role in protecting our nation's wildlife.

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  1. At this defining moment in our history, preparing our children to compete in the global economy is one of the most urgent challenges we face.
  2. persuasive technique that uses data, ratios, or percents to promote an idea
  3. Everyone else who did well ate a healthy breakfast. You should, too!
  4. Harvick continued, "We know it takes a clean-running engine to make it to Victory Lane and that's why Pennzoil is the sponsor of the Pennzoil Victory Challenge."
  5. It's important for you to make sure you do your best on the assessments!

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  1. BandwagonAfter graduating high school, all Americans should be prepared to attend at least one year of job training or higher education to better equip our workforce for the 21st century economy.


  2. Bandwagonpersuasive technique that makes you want to be part of the crowd and not left out; make you want to be like everyone else


  3. Glittering Generalitiespersuasive technique that uses words to make an idea sounds better or worse than it really is


  4. StatisticsKimberly Fowler, founder of Yoga for Athletes (YAS) and Got Milk?, recommends starting small with your resolutions for a healthy year.


  5. StatisticsThe Surgeon General's 2001 report on women and smoking found that 30% of female high school smokers continue to smoke into adulthood.


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