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  1. jealousy
  2. Can you lie to yourself?
  3. Sapir - Whorf Hypothesis:
  4. denotative meaning
  5. use of smell
  1. a the perception that the quality of the relationship is being threatened by a third party
  2. b ...
  3. c Two phenomena central to how we communicate are profoundly affected by smell:
    - memories
    - sexual attraction
  4. d the idea that language influences the ways members of a culture see the world.

    Two principles
    Linguistic determinism
    Linguistic relativity
  5. e literal meaning (look up)

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  1. communication comprises those behaviors and characteristics that convey meaning without words.
  2. a feeling, often prolonged that has no identifiable cause
  3. -nonverbal channels are the various behavioral forms that nonverbal communication takes
    -channels rely on our five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting
  4. the mind and body's reaction to perceived danger.
  5. many differences between societies and cultures are reflected in the way they use the language

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  1. The meaning of words is mostly arbitraryjoyful and affectionate
    sad and anxious


  2. Credibilityacting like you are not feeling an emotion when you really are


  3. deception:acting like you are feeling an emotion


  4. euphemismsare vague, mild expressions symbolizing something more harsh or blunt
    - can provide a way to talk about sensitive topics
    - can desensitize people to important issues


  5. valence:the positivity or negativity of an emotion


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