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  1. Sad/ Anxious emotions
  2. emotional intelligence:
  3. Nonverbal communication is meta-communicative
  4. Language varies in clarity
  5. dialects
  1. a -facial expressions or gestures can indicate how someone else should interpret our verbal message
    - examples includes wink to indicate a joke or a smile to indicate sincerity
  2. b the ability to perceive and understand emotions, use emotions to facilitate thought, and manage emotions constructively.
  3. c -ambiguous language can be interpreted to have more than one meaning.
    -use of ambiguous language can be intentional or unintentional
    -some words can be more concrete than others
  4. d variations on a language that are shared for a certain region or social class
    ex. wash clothes vs wash rags
  5. e Social anxiety:

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  1. are there sexual differences in jealousy?
  2. Nonverbal and verbal behaviors often conflict with each other
    We usually believe believe the nonverbal cues because we believe they are harder to control
  3. words that intend to mislead the listener by implying something they do not actually say.
    ex. .....
  4. acting like you are feeling an emotion
  5. all meaning behind words is assigned by the users of the language
    language can be arbitrary because it is symbolic
    one exception is onomatopoeia: buzz, click, meow, boom, snap

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  1. Language is symbolicwords represent objects or ideas but do not constitute them.
    the meaning of words and symbols evolves over time


  2. Touch behaviorTouch conveys at least five forms of meaning:
    - affection
    -power and control


  3. emotionis a common component of politeness
    is common when communicating Online


  4. profanitythe body's multi-dimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits one's goals
    - is different from mood


  5. Liking:expression one emotion when you are really feeling another


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