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  1. Nonverbal communication is present in most interpersonal interactions
  2. grief:
  3. Deception
  4. Inhibition
  5. Humor
  1. a -Communicators are attuned to facial expressions, tone of voice, accents, clothing, smell, touch
    -nonverbal signals are present even in channel-lean communication, such as telephone call or e-mail message
  2. b the emotion process of dealing with profound loss
    1) denial
    2) anger
    3) bargaining
    4) depression
    5) acceptance
  3. c acting like you are not feeling an emotion when you really are
  4. d is a common component of politeness
    is common when communicating Online
  5. e can enhance communication
    - putting others at ease
    - defuse stress and reinforce intimacy
    can be harmful
    - demeaning social or cultural groups
    - offending or harassing others

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  1. expressive people are better liars
    culture matters
  2. literal meaning (look up)
  3. are vague, mild expressions symbolizing something more harsh or blunt
    - can provide a way to talk about sensitive topics
    - can desensitize people to important issues
  4. is the process of convincing people to think or act in a certain way
  5. make things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are

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  1. I-statementsclaim ownership of what you are thinking or feeling


  2. relationshipswill help us to live longer


  3. primary emotions:distinct emotional experiences not consisting of combinations of other emotions


  4. Hate speechthe positivity or negativity of an emotion


  5. joyful/ affectionatehappiness: a state of contentment, joy, pleasure, and cheer.

    love and passion:



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