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  1. joyful/ affectionate
  2. The nature of language
  3. Emotions are multidimensional
  4. Vocal behavior
  5. Touch behavior
  1. a happiness: a state of contentment, joy, pleasure, and cheer.

    love and passion:

  2. b Language is a structured system of symbols used for communicating meaning.
  3. c - at least nine aspects of the voice convey meaning:
    - pitch
  4. d Touch conveys at least five forms of meaning:
    - affection
    -power and control
  5. e are physiological

    Action tendencies - biologically based motives toward specific behavioral responses to emotions

    emotions are social and cultural.

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  1. to repay favors
    ex. if you lend me your car I will buy you dinner
  2. literal meaning (look up)
  3. make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
  4. the pronunciation of the word
  5. are there sexual differences in jealousy?

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  1. syntactic rulesthe pronunciation of the word


  2. I-statementsshift responsibility for your thoughts and feelings to the other person


  3. use of smellthe perception that the quality of the relationship is being threatened by a third party


  4. persuasionis rude or obscene language
    - profanity is context - specific
    - can serve to put people at ease
    - can also serve to insult or degrade others


  5. Naming defines and differentiates usthe structure of language determines how we think/ language can limit us.


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