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  1. slang
  2. masking
  3. fear:
  4. love and passion:
  5. At least nine aspects of the voice convey meaning:
  1. a the mind and body's reaction to perceived danger.
  2. b the emotion of caring for, feeling attached to, and feeling committed to someone
  3. c pitch, inflection, volume, speaking rate, filler words....
  4. d expression one emotion when you are really feeling another
  5. e comprises informal words often understood only by others in a particular group
    - Can differentiate in - group and out group members
    - can also alienate outsiders

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  1. violates expectations
  2. is governed by four types of rules
  3. Anchor and contrast - make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
    Norm of reciprocity - to repay favors
    ex. if you lend me your car i will buy you dinner.
    social validation principle -
  4. make a large request that is rejected followed by a more reasonable request
  5. 5, 11, 6, 12

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  1. dialectsvariations on a language that are shared for a certain region or social class
    ex. wash clothes vs wash rags


  2. persuasionis the process of convincing people to think or act in a certain way


  3. euphemismsare vague, mild expressions symbolizing something more harsh or blunt
    - can provide a way to talk about sensitive topics
    - can desensitize people to important issues


  4. Deceptionis a common component of politeness
    is common when communicating Online


  5. de- intensificationmake things appear that you are feeling less emotion then you really are


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