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  1. end moraine
  2. long shore drift
  3. water table
  4. mass wasting
  5. sinkhole
  1. a the highest part in the ground that is saturated, or completely filled with water.
  2. b the downhill movements of masses of rocks and soil
  3. c is the zig-zag movement of sand along a beach. Sand is pushed at an angle.
  4. d is a basin that forms when the roof of a cave becomes so thin that it suddenly falls in
  5. e the till that marks the farthest advance of a glacier forms a deposit.

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  1. is a long, narrow island that develops parallel to a coast. It forms a barrier between the ocean waves and the shore of the mainland.
  2. a ridge from which water drains to one side or the other
  3. is a mound of sand built up by wind
  4. wind blows away all the smallest particles from a mixture sand, silt and gravel, leaves behind a stony surface.
  5. the process in which weathered particles are picked up and moved from one place to another.

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  1. drainage basinsThe area of land in which water drains into a stream system, the water eventually drains into a lake or an ocean.


  2. flowing glacier movementthe weight of a glacier and heat from Earth cause ice at the bottom of a glacier to melt. A layer of water forms under the glacier, and it starts sliding along on the layer of water.


  3. alluvial fanis an area of land on either side of a stream that is underwater when the stream floods


  4. meanderingcurves and bands that form a twisting, looping pattern in a stream channel


  5. morainea deposit of till left behind by a retreating glacier.


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