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  1. end moraine
  2. glacier movement
  3. continental glacier
  4. gravity
  5. sinkhole
  1. a 2 kinds: flowing and sliding.
  2. b called ice sheets, are much larger than alpine glaciers and can cover entire continents. Today, covers most of Greenland and Antarctica.
  3. c is a basin that forms when the roof of a cave becomes so thin that it suddenly falls in
  4. d the till that marks the farthest advance of a glacier forms a deposit.
  5. e causes water to move downward, carrying and depositing sediments as it flows.

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  1. a bowl shaped depression that was formed by a block of ice from a glacier and then became filled with water.
  2. called valley glaciers, form in mountains and flow down through valleys.
  3. a deposit of till left behind by a retreating glacier.
  4. is a slide of loose debris that moves as a single unit
  5. large caves

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  1. depositionthe process in which weathered particles are picked up and moved from one place to another.


  2. flood plainis an area of land on either side of a stream that is underwater when the stream floods


  3. barrier islandthe highest part in the ground that is saturated, or completely filled with water.


  4. long shore driftis the zig-zag movement of sand along a beach. Sand is pushed at an angle.


  5. mudflowa major type of mass wasting


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