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Mrs. Storiz Geology Chapter 5 Test

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  1. flowing glacier movement
  2. mass wasting
  3. flood plain
  4. sandbar
  5. loess
  1. a ice near surface is brittle and cracks often form in it. Deep inside, ice doesn't break due to pressure on top.
  2. b the downhill movements of masses of rocks and soil
  3. c is an area of land on either side of a stream that is underwater when the stream floods
  4. d deposits of fine wind- blown sediment near dunes. It forms good soil for growing crops. Covers 10% of the land surface of the Earth
  5. e is a ridge of sand built up by action of waves and currents.

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  1. The area of land in which water drains into a stream system, the water eventually drains into a lake or an ocean.
  2. the sediment left directly on the ground surface by a retreating glacier.
  3. the ridges of till deposited at the sides of a glacier.
  4. the till that marks the farthest advance of a glacier forms a deposit.
  5. the part of the erosion process in which sediment is placed in a new location, or deposited.

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  1. water tablea bowl shaped depression that was formed by a block of ice from a glacier and then became filled with water.


  2. deltais an area of land formed by the buildup of sediment at the end, or mouth of a river.


  3. spitis a slide of loose debris that moves as a single unit


  4. morainethe till that marks the farthest advance of a glacier forms a deposit.


  5. sliding glacier movementthe weight of a glacier and heat from Earth cause ice at the bottom of a glacier to melt. A layer of water forms under the glacier, and it starts sliding along on the layer of water.


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