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  1. British Commonwealth of Nations
  2. Max Planck
  3. Victor Emmanuel II
  4. Cecil Rhodes
  5. Rome
  1. a The capital of a united Italy
  2. b Remembered for the quantum theory
  3. c Giant in diamond mining
  4. d The first king of Italy
  5. e An asscociation of nations acknowledging the British monarch as their symbolic head

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  1. How long Amy Carmichael spent in India
  2. In an attempt to relieve the pressure at Verdun, British forces launched an intense offensive against the Germans at the ____
  3. The newspaper that dispatched Henry Stanley
  4. Started the first African mission in Niger
  5. Countries in the Triple Entente

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  1. Clara BartonWhere Mary Slessor went in Africa


  2. William BoothStarted the Salvation Army


  3. AllenbyThe general that captured Jerusalem


  4. Coptic ChurchWhen the Titanic sank(month, year)


  5. Benjamin DisraeliLeader of the Conservative party


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