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  1. November 11, 1918
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Atlas Mountains
  4. Australian Gold Rush
  5. Trenches
  1. a Africa's longest mountain range
  2. b Deep ditches used in battle for cover against enemy gunfire
  3. c Armistice Day
  4. d One of the chief British possessions
  5. e Greatly escalated the rate of colonization

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  1. Overthrew the Provisional Government and established a Communist state in Russia
  2. What the Red Baron's unit was called
  3. Where John Mark took the gospel (by tradition)
  4. Divided Canada
  5. Prince of Preachers

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  1. Bolshevik RevolutionThe revolution that Lenin esablished the Communist state in


  2. Edward VIIWhere the Queen of Sheba was probably from


  3. Robert PeelCreated the London Metropolitan Police Force


  4. Amy CarmichaelWorked for years to rescue young Indian girls from a life of prostitution in the pagan temples and to bring them to Christ and teach Indians the way of salvation


  5. Ems DispatchWhat sparked the Franco Prussian War


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