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  1. Liberals
  2. Klemens von Metternich
  3. Northeast Ulster
  4. Luther Burbank
  5. 1757
  1. a The party of Parliament that represented the middle class of the Industrial Age
  2. b The Foreign Minister of Austria; he had the most influence at the Congress of Vienna
  3. c When the Battle of Plassey took place
  4. d The part of Ireland that remained a part of the United Kingdom
  5. e Devoloped new types of crops; worked in agriculture

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  1. Scientist who proposed that electrons revolve around the nucleus of atoms in circular paths called orbits
  2. The capital of a united Italy
  3. Where John Mark took the gospel (by tradition)
  4. Expanded Irish representation in Parliament
  5. First to split an atom

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  1. 1899How much of the globe the British Empire covered under Queen Victoria


  2. Ernest RutherfordFather of Nuclear Science


  3. Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau, OrlandoThe "Big Four"


  4. SavannaA vast tract of grasses and small shrubs


  5. William GladstoneLeader of the Liberal party


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