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  1. Africa
  2. Winston Churchill
  3. Benjamin Disraeli
  4. World War I
  5. Modernism
  1. a The second largest continent
  2. b First Lord of the Admiralty in England during WWI
  3. c The first war fought on a global scale
  4. d Queen Victoria's most regarded prime minister
  5. e Religious liberalism

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  1. Prince of Preachers
  2. Leader of the Song Hai Empire
  3. Two mountain ranges in Africa
  4. Three provisions of the Treaty of Versailles
  5. Supported by the London Missionary Society

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  1. Revolutionary NationalismThe chaos of French politics inspired a spirit of ____ in many European nations


  2. Central PowersThe Triple Alliance and its allies


  3. Battle of VerdunThe battle where the Germans tried to break through the French line with a massive assault on the fortress-city of Verdun


  4. Oxford MovementThe world's largest desert


  5. William IVQueen Victoria's uncle who was "not good"


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