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  1. Clement
  2. Bulgaria
  3. William Carey
  4. Oxford Movement
  5. Cecil Rhodes
  1. a Giant in diamond mining
  2. b The movement within the Church of England to reintroduce many Roman Catholic practices
  3. c Father of Modern Missions
  4. d First Central Power to surrender
  5. e A famous church leader in Alexandria

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  1. Three reasons Britain expanded her glory
  2. Where Mary Slessor went in Africa
  3. Who Queen Victoria sent to investigate conditions in Canada
  4. Largest peaks in Africa
  5. Another name for Queen Victoria's husband

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  1. Great Reform Bill of 1832When hundreds of Boers packed up and left the Cape in 1835


  2. Matthew PerryPersuaded Japan to open its doors to western trade


  3. William IVDismissed Bismark and took foreign policy into his own hands


  4. Treaty of FrankfurtEnded the Franco Prussian War


  5. Ethiopia, LiberiaThe only two nations in Africa that were independent by 1914


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