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  1. Robert Peel
  2. Nile River
  3. Viscount Palmerston
  4. Winston Churchill
  5. Irish Free State
  1. a First Lord of the Admiralty in England during WWI
  2. b Served 35 years in Parliament, and 24 years as foreign minister
  3. c What the bulk of Ireland became
  4. d Created the London Metropolitan Police Force
  5. e The world's longest river

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  1. The British representative at the Congress of Vienna
  2. Two great Boer leaders
  3. Explored Australia
  4. Led in an effort to bring doctors and nurses to the front to attend the wounded
  5. The party of Parliament that represented the nobility and other wealthy people

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  1. EthiopiaWhere the Queen of Sheba was probably from


  2. NeutralityReligious liberalism


  3. 50 yearsThe "Dark Continent"


  4. Lott Carey, Colin TeagueMissionaries to Liberia


  5. BoersNatives of New Zealand


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