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  1. Allenby
  2. Winston Churchill
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Otto von Bismark
  5. Metropolitan Tabernacle
  1. a First Central Power to surrender
  2. b Charles Haddon Spurgeon's church
  3. c Expanded German boundaries and united the German states
  4. d The general that captured Jerusalem
  5. e First Lord of the Admiralty in England during WWI

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  1. Period when Germany became a strong industrial and military power
  2. The capital of a united Italy
  3. A vast tract of grasses and small shrubs
  4. Involved in the Fabian Society
  5. Nickname for U.S. troops

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  1. Klemens von MetternichThe longest-ruling monarch in English history


  2. Geneva ConventionConvention that led to the establishment of the Red Cross


  3. Vladimir LeninAfrica's longest mountain range


  4. William GladstoneCalled "The Grand Old Man"


  5. 1921The year the Boer War broke out


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