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  1. Queen Victoria
  2. 1/4
  3. England, France, Russia
  4. Clement
  5. Prince Consort
  1. a Another name for Queen Victoria's husband
  2. b Countries in the Triple Entente
  3. c A famous church leader in Alexandria
  4. d How much of the globe the British Empire covered under Queen Victoria
  5. e The longest-ruling monarch in English history

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  1. The "Eternal City"
  2. Leader of the church in Ethiopia
  3. Treaty between Russia and Germany that ended Russia's involvement in WWI
  4. One of the greatest leaders in all of church history
  5. Undersea boat

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  1. Captain James CookChurch in Ethiopia that traces back to the first century A.D.


  2. Central PowersThe world's largest desert


  3. Samuel Adjai CrowtherThe world's largest desert


  4. LiberalsBecame England's chief North American possession


  5. Age of British ImperialismWhat the period between 1880 and 1900 is known as


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