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  1. Christianity, Commerce, Civilization
  2. Age of British Imperialism
  3. Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau, Orlando
  4. Irish Free State
  5. Saxony, Germany
  1. a Three things David livingstone believed Africa needed
  2. b The "Big Four"
  3. c What the bulk of Ireland became
  4. d What the period between 1880 and 1900 is known as
  5. e Where Prince Albert was from

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  1. Africa's longest mountain range
  2. Where the Queen of Sheba was probably from
  3. Another name for Queen Victoria's husband
  4. How long Amy Carmichael spent in India
  5. Created modern nursing

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  1. Viscount PalmerstonSardinian nobleman who helped France defeat Austria


  2. Cape of Good HopeThe extreme southern tip of Africa


  3. North SeaWhere the Battle of Jutland took place


  4. Union of South AfricaThe extreme southern tip of Africa


  5. World War IThe first war fought on a global scale


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