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  1. Oxford Movement
  2. Lott Carey, Colin Teague
  3. William IV
  4. Seven Weeks War
  5. Lusitania
  1. a Queen Victoria's uncle who was "not good"
  2. b Ship sunk off the coast of Ireland after being hit by torpedoes from a German submarine
  3. c Missionaries to Liberia
  4. d War when Germany defeated Austria
  5. e The movement within the Church of England to reintroduce many Roman Catholic practices

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  1. The first war fought on a global scale
  2. The revolution that Lenin esablished the Communist state in
  3. Most of Africa falls into one of three descriptive categories:
  4. Armistice Day
  5. Where Mary Slessor went in Africa

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  1. BoersA Dutch word meaning "farmers"


  2. United StatesThe only victor that did not join the League of Nations


  3. Count CavorThe first war fought on a global scale


  4. 2/3How much of Africa is covered with desert


  5. Battle of JutlandThe most important naval battle of World War I


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