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  1. Frumentius
  2. Russian Revolution
  3. Luther Burbank
  4. Kalahari Desert
  5. Sahara, Kalahari, Namib
  1. a Desert that covers much of southern Africa
  2. b Devoloped new types of crops; worked in agriculture
  3. c The unpopularity of the war led to the ____ in Russia
  4. d Leader of the church in Ethiopia
  5. e Three deserts in Africa

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  1. Sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and on to India
  2. Dismissed Bismark and took foreign policy into his own hands
  3. Mountains at the extreme southeast of Africa
  4. Served 35 years in Parliament, and 24 years as foreign minister
  5. Involved in the Fabian Society

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  1. Samuel Adjai CrowtherThe first black bishop of the Church of England


  2. Queen VictoriaThe longest-ruling monarch in English history


  3. Earl of Shaftesbury, Lord AshleyNewspaper reporter sent to find David Livingstone


  4. April 1912When the Titanic sank(month, year)


  5. Ernest RutherfordFirst to split an atom


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