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  1. Northern Ireland
  2. Aborigines
  3. Henry Stanley
  4. Robert and Mary Moffat
  5. Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  1. a Newspaper reporter sent to find David Livingstone
  2. b What the Northeast Ulster is known as today
  3. c The original inhabitants of Australia
  4. d Missionaries to South Africa
  5. e Assaninated by a Serbian revolutionist

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  1. Formed a group called "Young Italy"
  2. Leader of the Conservative party
  3. Where the Queen of Sheba was probably from
  4. When the Titanic sank(month, year)
  5. Sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and on to India

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  1. ReligionThe key issue preventing peace between England and Ireland


  2. Captain James CookThe extreme southern tip of Africa


  3. Great Century of MissionsWhat the 19th century became known as


  4. CanadaA vast tract of grasses and small shrubs


  5. Robert PeelCreated the London Metropolitan Police Force


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