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  1. stratagem
  2. dysentery
  3. despair
  4. provocation
  5. simulate
  1. a to imitate
  2. b a trick
  3. c the act of arouseing a feeling or action
  4. d to lose all hope or confidence
  5. e a disease characterized by severe diarrhea with passage of mucus and blood and usually caused by infection

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  1. foolish, useless, empty
  2. used to to anesthetize, make unconscious, or kill
  3. unreasonably burdensome or severe
  4. inflexible, relentless
  5. to waste away physically

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  1. scrutinizeto imitate


  2. fastidiousspiteful


  3. apoplexyfriendly


  4. onslaughta violent, sudden attack


  5. culpritto turn away or aside


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