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  1. here
  2. red
  3. meet
  4. blue
  5. blew
  1. a
    color of the sky
  2. b
    past tense of blow
  3. c in this place at this time
  4. d
    come together face to face
  5. e
    the color of ruby

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  1. body of salt water that covers the earth

  2. term meaning much loved

  3. a flat or level surface or machine that flies
  4. past tense of eat

  5. take in sounds through the ear

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  1. eightone more than 7


  2. road
    a way between places


  3. meatanimal flesh used for food or the essential parts of something


  4. hour
    the time of day


  5. deer
    term meaning much loved


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