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  1. Five things that were worn during the Baroque Period are?
  2. What is Antonio Vivaldi's most famous work?
  3. Where did the Baroque Period originate?
  4. A musical work written for chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra, with a religious text, often from the Bible.
  5. About how much time ELAPSED between the time Handel started Messiah and finished Messiah? In other words, how long did it take Handel to write Messiah?
  6. Name three occupations of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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  1. oboe; organ; clavierThese two composers were born in the same year.


  2. GermanyHandel's home country is?


  3. grotesque; extravagant; overdoneName three instruments that were used during the Baroque Period.


  4. HandelWhat Baroque composer wrote the famous work Messiah.


  5. 1920What is Vivaldi's home country?


  6. Bach; HandelWhat Baroque composer wrote the famous work Messiah.


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