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  1. terminal buttons
  2. case study
  3. antagonist
  4. lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN)
  5. cerebrospinal fluid
  1. a investigation of one subject "psychological autopsies"
  2. b chemical that apposes (blocks) the action of a neurotransmitter.
  3. c CSF-nourishes brain and provides protection for neurons
  4. d 90% of visual signals from optic nerve processed here and then distributed to occipital lobe
  5. e end of axon knobs that secrete chemicals called neurotransmitters. connect to other cells dendrites

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  1. incoming pain sensation must pass thru a gate in the spinal cord. this gate can be closed.
  2. LTP-increases in excitability at synapses along a neural pathway. Strengthening between axons leads to memory
  3. registration of sensory input without conscious awareness.
  4. dividing point between energy levels that has a detectable effect.
  5. neural activity in a cell that opposes activity in a surrounding cell

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  1. reticular formationwhen eye becomes more sensitive to light in low illumination


  2. confounding variablesvariables linked in a way that will make it hard to sort out the results


  3. operational definitionorganization and interpretation of sensory input


  4. W. Jamesfounder of functionalism. worked with darwin


  5. binocular depth cuesclues about distance in a flat picture


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