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  1. medulla
  2. statistical significance
  3. Brocas area
  4. psychiatry
  5. endocrine system
  1. a existence when observed findings due to chance is very low. less than 5 in a 100
  2. b branch of medicine concerned with diagnostic and treatment of psychological problems and disorders
  3. c control of vital functions. unconscious
  4. d secrete chemicals into the bloodstream that help control bodily functions
  5. e control of speech

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  1. general strategies for conduction studies
  2. always produces only excitatory PSPs
  3. belief that eye has 3 color receptors
  4. 10% of info from optic nerve goes here then thru thalamus to occipital lobe
  5. the stimulation of sensory organs.

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  1. perceptual constancyinference about which distal stimuli could be responsible for the proximal stimuli sensed.


  2. perceptual hypothesisreadiness to perceive a stimulus in a particular way. "see what we want to see"


  3. depth perceptionwhen eye becomes more sensitive to light in low illumination


  4. distal stimulistimuli that lie in the distance (world outside body)


  5. case studyfocused on unconscious. founder of psychoanalytic theory. Studied taboo sexuality


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