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  1. balance
  2. form
  3. atectonic
  4. motif
  5. variety
  1. a 1.) The total appearance, organization, or inventive arrangement of all the visual elements according to the principles that will develop unity in the artwork; composition. 2.) Sculpture term for the shape of a 3D work.
  2. b 3D work characterized by considerable amounts of space; open, as opposed to massive (or tectonic), and often with extended appendages.
  3. c A sense of equilibrium between areas of implied weight, attention, attraction, or moments of force; one of the principles of organization.
  4. d A designed unit or pattern that is repeated often enough in the total composition to make it a significant or dominant feature; similar to "theme" or "melody" in a musical composition.
  5. e Differences achieved by opposing, contrasting, changing, elaborating, or diversifying elements in a composition to add individualism and interest. It is an important principle of organization; the opposite of harmony.

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  1. A sense of visual oneness - an organization of the elements into a visual whole. It results from the appropriate ratio between harmony and variety (in conjunction with the other principles of organization).
  2. A principle of organization in which parts of a composition are made to relate through commonality - repeated or shared characteristics, elements, or visual units; opposite of variety.
  3. The use of similar imagery on either side of a central axis. The visual material on one side may resemble that on the other but is varied to prevent visual monotony.
  4. The quality of simple massiveness; 3D work lacking any significant extrusions or intrusions.
  5. "Perfect" harmonious proportions that avoid extremes; the moderation between extremes.

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  1. designThe organizing process or underlying plan on which artists base their total work. In a broader sense, it may be considered synonymous with "form" and "composition."


  2. radialA 3D, moving sculpture


  3. symmetryThe exact duplication of appearances in mirrorlike repetition on either side of a (usually imaginary) straight-lined central axis.


  4. accentAny stress or emphasis given to the elements of a composition that brings them more attention than other features that surround or are close to them; can be created by a brighter color, darker value, greater size, or any other means by which a difference is expressed.


  5. interpenetrationThe use of the same visual effect - and/or similar visual effects - a number of times in the same composition. It may produce the dominance of one visual idea, a feeling of harmonious relationship, an obviously planned pattern, or a rhythmic movement.


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