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  1. Nationalism
  2. League of Nations
  3. AEF
  4. Archduke Ferdinand
  5. Central Powers
  1. a Prince murdered in Siberia with wife.
  2. b A belief that national interest should be placed ahead of regional concerns and that foreign policy should be guided by national self interest.
  3. c An association of nations established in 1920 to promote international cooperation and peace.
  4. d The American Expeditionary Force used to fight against the Germans in the war.
  5. e the group of nations- led by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire- that opposed the allies in the war

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  1. Warfare that had soldiers dig trenchs then invade
  2. The policy of spreading a nations authority over other countries by economic, political, or military means
  3. The three nations part of the Entente Britain, france, and Russia
  4. the group of nations- originally consisting of great Britain, France, and Russia
  5. the use of sensationalized and exaggerated reporting by news papers or magazines to attract readers.

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  1. Black Jack PershingLeader of the AEF


  2. Zimmerman NoteNote from Germany that was supposedly sent to mexico saying that they should start war with America


  3. Treaty of VersaillesWarfare that had soldiers dig trenchs then invade


  4. Neutralitya refusal to take part in a war between other countries


  5. William Randolf HearstPublisher of the New York Journal and he strongly favored war with Spain over Cuba in 1898 and printed fictitious stories about Spain in Cuba


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