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  1. Zimmerman Note
  2. Yellow Journalism
  3. Nationalism
  4. Wilson's 14 points
  5. U-Boats
  1. a Note from Germany that was supposedly sent to mexico saying that they should start war with America
  2. b The plan for peace proposed by president Widrow Wilson; 1st that there should be no seceret treaties and nations should engage in open agreement with each other; Freedom of Seas should be obtained; tarrifs and other economic barriers should be lowered or abolished to foster free trade; Arms should be reduced to enough to maintain national safety; Colonial policy should consider the intrests of the colonies as well as imperial intrests; The next eight points dealt with national boundries based on Ethnic groups
  3. c the use of sensationalized and exaggerated reporting by news papers or magazines to attract readers.
  4. d Submarines used to blow up ships
  5. e A belief that national interest should be placed ahead of regional concerns and that foreign policy should be guided by national self interest.

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  1. An association of nations established in 1920 to promote international cooperation and peace.
  2. The policy of spreading a nations authority over other countries by economic, political, or military means
  3. sways readers to think a certain way, ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause
  4. Illegally shipping weapons to other countries
  5. The 1919 that ended WWI; Made nine new nations poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia; 4 new areas were created out of the Ottoman Empire such as Iraq, Syria, Lebonan, and Palestine; Took out most of Germany's Military; Made Germany to return Alsace-Lorraine to France and pay rearations;

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  1. Black Jack Pershingthe group of nations- originally consisting of great Britain, France, and Russia


  2. Archduke FerdinandPrince murdered in Siberia with wife.


  3. Joseph PulitzerPledge that Germany took saying that they would not blow up anymore US passenger ships


  4. AEFThe American Expeditionary Force used to fight against the Germans in the war.


  5. Triple AllianceThe three nations part of the alliance Germany, Italy, and Austria/Hungary


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