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  1. facetious
  2. espouse
  3. exhort
  4. fabrication
  5. existential
  1. a a lie, something made up
  2. b having to do with existence, having to do with the body of though called existentialism.... blah
  3. c to support, to advocate
  4. d to urge strongly, to give a serious warning to
  5. e humorous, not serious, clumsily humorous

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  1. pleasing (root)
  2. to throw someone out of his or her native land, to emigrate
  3. before (root)
  4. to speed up or ease the process of
  5. to free completely from blame, to exculpate

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  1. grandiloquentpompous, using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive


  2. exaltto raise high, to glorify


  3. garrulousaccidental, occurring by chance


  4. extraa type or category, especially of art or writing


  5. grav/grievseriousness


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