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  1. extricate
  2. eu
  3. exult
  4. gregarious
  5. expedite
  1. a to rejoice, to celebrate
  2. b to free from difficulty
  3. c sociable, enjoying the company of others
  4. d to speed up or ease the process of
  5. e good, well (root)

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  1. fleeting, vanishing, happening for only the briefest period
  2. to restrain, to hamper
  3. unskillful, awkward, maladroit
  4. happiness, skillfulness, especially at expressing things
  5. a group united around a cause, disagreement within an organization

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  1. facilefluent, skillful in a superficial way, easy


  2. fatalistsomeone who believes that future events are already determined and that humans are powerless to change them


  3. furtivesecretive, shy


  4. exaltto raise high, to glorify


  5. freneticskillful maneuvering, subtlety, craftiness


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