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  1. exasperate
  2. exhaustive
  3. garrulous
  4. fab/fam
  5. fabrication
  1. a thorough, rigorous, complete, painstaking
  2. b speak (root)
  3. c to annoy thoroughly, to make very angry, to try the patience of
  4. d a lie, something made up
  5. e talkative, chatty

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  1. to refrain from, to abstain
  2. unnecessary, irrelevant, extra
  3. good, well (root)
  4. to urge strongly, to give a serious warning to
  5. to restrain, to hamper

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  1. fortbefore (root)


  2. frugalanimals


  3. flagrantto show off, to display ostentatiously


  4. finessebefore (root)


  5. factionuseless, hopeless


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