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  1. gratuitous
  2. exemplify
  3. esce
  4. extra
  5. espouse
  1. a to illustrate by example, to serve as a good example
  2. b given freely (said of something bad), unjustified, unprovoked, uncalled for
  3. c outside of, beyond (root)
  4. d to support, to advocate
  5. e becoming (root)

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  1. surplus, an overabundance
  2. to fail, to collapse, to sink
  3. faithfulness, loyalty
  4. heavenly, as light and insubstantial as ether or gas
  5. to praise highly, to laud

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  1. fastidioushumorous, not serious, clumsily humorous


  2. fervbefore (root)


  3. expatriateto free from difficulty


  4. fatuoushumorous, not serious, clumsily humorous


  5. frenetichard to understand, understood by only select few, peculiar


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