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  1. Zhu Yuan Zhang
  2. Korea in the 1800's
  3. Battle of Plassey
  4. Sepoy Rebellion
  5. Meiji improvement
  1. a Also known Hongwu Emperor, he started the Ming Dynasty after claiming to have the Mandate of Heaven. He was a part of the Red Turbans and lead peasant uprising to defeat Mongols.
  2. b In 1870s it was forced open by foreign powers including Japan. 36 year long colonial rule.
    Taewongun ruled from 1864-1870 and was very anti-western
  3. c Started in 1857 when muslims and Hindus in the Britain army became aware of the use of pork fat in arms, forcing them to go against their religion. The Sepoy sacked Delhi and ended the Mughal Empire
  4. d Japan sent people all over to become educated.
    Japanese brought alot of arms and weapons
    Adopted the German Parliament: Diet system
  5. e Took place in Palashi, Bengal. it was a battle where 4400 British troops versus 50,000 Nawab troops. Britian won and pushed the French out of India to Vietnam. British won because they covered their gunpowder during a rain storm. Happened the same time as the 7 years war and French-Indian war

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  1. 7 voyages of technology, he had fleets contained 25000 people in very big vessels.
  2. 1894, China lost to Japan. Fought in Korea since it was a tributary state of China's
  3. First and last foreign colony in China that was first settled by the Portuguese and overseen by them, used for trading and other business.
  4. Located in Northern India to the left of the bay of Bengul. They began to decline in 1757. After the british won the Battle of Plassey, Princes and princesses were starving prisoners in the Taj Mahal and Red fort. In 1788 the empire was attacked and many in the red fort were killed.
  5. Treaty with US, more ports open including Yokohama, for a total of 6, and allowed for US citizens to live in Japan and created a fixed trading system

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  1. Pre-Opium War Facts1840-1842 first opium war. too many extra-territoriality issues.
    The most favored nation benefits from trade.
    1856-1860 China starts the second opium war (anglo-chinese war) and loses to Britain+France
    -China wanted to strengthen its military, navy, education and Gov


  2. 3 Japanese LeadersTrading port called Deshima traded with China, Philippines and America, but in the beginning only the Dutch


  3. RiversHeilongjiang River, Liaohe River, Sungari River, Hanjiang River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nujiang River, Brahmaputra River, Lancang River, Pearl River


  4. Religion in JapanHuanghe: Yellow River
    Changjiang: Yangtze, literally means long
    Heilongjiang: Black Dragon River


  5. Millenarian-ism groupsThey rise out of sense of uncertainty.
    Examples: dervishes, sufi dancers (islamic), white lotus, red turbans


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