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  1. British East India Company
  2. Sepoy Rebellion
  3. Religion in Japan
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Great Enterprise
  1. a started 1664 under queen Elizabeth and ruled until 1858. They traded gunpowder and opium for cotton, silk and tea. They started off in Kolkotta and moved to Mumbai. They eventually placed a government in India instead of ruling from England
  2. b Started in 1857 when muslims and Hindus in the Britain army became aware of the use of pork fat in arms, forcing them to go against their religion. The Sepoy sacked Delhi and ended the Mughal Empire
  3. c Neo Confucianism
  4. d Forming your own dynasty or empire. Removing local authority, freeing prisoners and trashing gov buildings.
  5. e 1849 Gold Rush sent Chinese to California during the Taiping Rebellion.

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  1. President during the time of the end of the Tokugawa, sent Commodore Perry to Japan.
  2. A City in India that the English India Company ruled out of.
  3. Aficionado of antiquities or things of the past, collecting relics, deliberately growing inward and becoming cut off.
  4. 1840-1842 first opium war. too many extra-territoriality issues.
    The most favored nation benefits from trade.
    1856-1860 China starts the second opium war (anglo-chinese war) and loses to Britain+France
    -China wanted to strengthen its military, navy, education and Gov
  5. -Bounded space, decline of sovereign/king rule.
    -Need a story, set boundaries, military, urban planning
    -industrial, economic and technological capacity
    -Pride, flags, uniform, song, story

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  1. LahoreThe second largest city in Pakistan


  2. Important dates of the Taiping Rebellion-Gave back land to peasants, erased debt and reformed land.
    -Female emancipation, movement for women equality
    -Education, introduced easier form of writing and new lunar calender.


  3. Important dates:rose 1368-1644, Zhu Yuan Zhang started the dynasty


  4. Hong XiuguanBorn Jan 1, 1814 in Southern Guangdong. was educated but didn't do well on exams. Founder of the Kingdom of heavenly peace. He found a translated pamphlet for Christianity and converted. he gathered 52 minority groups throughout China including the fujian, fukien, and hakka.


  5. What started the Opium WarTook place in Palashi, Bengal. it was a battle where 4400 British troops versus 50,000 Nawab troops. Britian won and pushed the French out of India to Vietnam. British won because they covered their gunpowder during a rain storm. Happened the same time as the 7 years war and French-Indian war


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