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  1. Why US became interested in Japan
  2. Qing Dynasty Emperors
  3. Plassey
  4. Filial Piety
  5. Antiquarianism
  1. a Aficionado of antiquities or things of the past, collecting relics, deliberately growing inward and becoming cut off.
  2. b US started using Steam ships to whale in the pacific. needed coal for ships. Japan had good geography, resources, and US could reach out for mercenaries
  3. c The area where the British fought the Indians and French 4400 to 50,000 and won.
  4. d Respect for parents and people
  5. e Kangxi 1661-1722, big emperor who ruled when Louis the 14th did. He brought peace

    Yongzheng: Kangxi's son, 1722-1735 his son is
    Qianlong: 1735-1796, he created filial piety and gave up his powers so not to rule longer than his grandfather.
    Jiaquing: ruled 1796-1820
    Daognong: ruled 1820- 1850 during the opium war.

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  1. Blind poet during this time, ruled in 1806
  2. 1839-1842, 1856-1860. Happened because there was a growth in population while economy dropped. Silver market fell. Everyone buyed their way into their jobs. The Gov raises taxes, and pirates rose up in the south, the grand canal closed in 1849 so many families lost jobs
  3. 1894, China lost to Japan. Fought in Korea since it was a tributary state of China's
  4. 1849 Gold Rush sent Chinese to California during the Taiping Rebellion.
  5. 7 voyages of technology, he had fleets contained 25000 people in very big vessels.

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  1. Principle/doctrine of lapseAllowed Britain to take complete control of India and rule over it.


  2. Taiping RebellionFormed due to corrupt gov officials and floods. 20-100 million people were killed. Disease and scorched earth policy helped the death count. It applied millenarian-ism and helped for woman's rights and people gained a sense of nationalism. Gained a 10,000 people local army


  3. Second Opium WarBegan in 1856


  4. Tordesillas Convention1490's, gave rise to patronage (padrodros) This basically means Spain went one way, Portugal went the other. and connected the 3 oceans through the use of silver.


  5. Treaty of Amity and Commerce (Harris Treaty)Treaty with US, more ports open including Yokohama, for a total of 6, and allowed for US citizens to live in Japan and created a fixed trading system


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