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  1. Important dates of the Taiping Rebellion
  2. Qing Dynasty Corruption
  3. Han
  4. British East India Company
  5. Ming Dynasty
  1. a started 1664 under queen Elizabeth and ruled until 1858. They traded gunpowder and opium for cotton, silk and tea. They started off in Kolkotta and moved to Mumbai. They eventually placed a government in India instead of ruling from England
  2. b The chinese majority that the Manchu during the Qing ruled over.
  3. c Ming: 1368- 1644
  4. d 1850, Qing paid little attention
    Taipings grew their hair long to show rebellion
    in 1853 captured the southern capital
    1856: Nanjing purge, taipings started killing each other to be rid of successors
  5. e China is a meritocracy, people of power got their positions by buying test results. Wealthy put their sons in power. Bureaucratic responsibilities weren't being met.

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  1. Jan 11, 1851.
  2. After Japanese missions in 1868, 1875 and 1876 fail, in 1876 Japan sends in warships to Inchon to force this treaty
  3. 1894, China lost to Japan. Fought in Korea since it was a tributary state of China's
  4. in 1882, No more migration of Chinese for 20 years. Those in the US had to carry passports and Chinese could no longer gain US citizenship.
  5. Rulers of India who starved and got owned by the British

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  1. Principle/doctrine of lapsePresident during the time of the end of the Tokugawa, sent Commodore Perry to Japan.


  2. LahoreThe second largest city in Pakistan


  3. Mumbai (bombay)A small part of Malaysia.


  4. The 2 Opium WarsBorn Jan 1, 1814 in Southern Guangdong. was educated but didn't do well on exams. Founder of the Kingdom of heavenly peace. He found a translated pamphlet for Christianity and converted. he gathered 52 minority groups throughout China including the fujian, fukien, and hakka.


  5. Mughal EmpireRulers of India who starved and got owned by the British


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