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  1. Antiquarianism
  2. Shuufeld Treaty
  3. Qing Dynasty Corruption
  4. Korea in the 1800's
  5. Lord Mc Carthney
  1. a China is a meritocracy, people of power got their positions by buying test results. Wealthy put their sons in power. Bureaucratic responsibilities weren't being met.
  2. b In 1870s it was forced open by foreign powers including Japan. 36 year long colonial rule.
    Taewongun ruled from 1864-1870 and was very anti-western
  3. c Aficionado of antiquities or things of the past, collecting relics, deliberately growing inward and becoming cut off.
  4. d 1796, tried to create trade with China. He didn't "Koton", which is physically bowing before the empire.
  5. e 1882, China forces Korea to open ports to everyone. This causes many Korean rebellions and other powers take full advantage before the Sino-Japanese war.

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  1. The area where the British fought the Indians and French 4400 to 50,000 and won.
  2. Britain transported Opium to China from india. They influenced India, Burma, Hongkong and Pakistan.
  3. On Jan 11, 1851, there was a formal declaration of revolution. It lasted for 14 years and involved the Hakka
  4. Huge city in India, visited by Captain Cook
  5. 1854: Treaty of Kanagawa with US, opened Shimoda and Hakodate
    1854: treaty with Britain, 1855: Treaty with Russia/Dutch

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  1. Qing DynastyQing: 1644 - 1911


  2. Post hoc ergo propter hocafter this, therefore because of this, this is the people's reasoning for why someone lost the mandate of heaven


  3. 3 Japanese LeadersIeyasu Tokugawa: Took control 1600-1616, his shogunate lasted until 1850

    Toyotomi Hideoshi: Took control in 1586, died 1598

    Oda Nobunaga: In 1572 began to unify the country, died in 1582


  4. LahoreHindu and Muslim Soliders during the 1857 rebellion against Britain.


  5. RiversHeilongjiang River, Liaohe River, Sungari River, Hanjiang River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nujiang River, Brahmaputra River, Lancang River, Pearl River


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