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  1. Hong Xiuquan/Hung Hsiu-chuan
  2. Mumbai (bombay)
  3. Chinese Treaties with the British/US/France
  4. Commodore Perry
  5. 3 Japanese Leaders
  1. a Huge city in India, visited by Captain Cook
  2. b Fought in the Mexican War. He lead 4 big black vessels to Edo Harbor. attempted to deliver a letter to open up trading ports with Japan. The letter was accepted in 1853
  3. c 1842: Treaty of Nanking ( wade-giles)
    1843:Treaty of Boque
    1844: Treaty of Wangxia (US)
    1844: Treaty of Huangpu (Fr)
  4. d Leader of the Taiping Rebellion. He belonged to the Hakka Minority.
  5. e Ieyasu Tokugawa: Took control 1600-1616, his shogunate lasted until 1850

    Toyotomi Hideoshi: Took control in 1586, died 1598

    Oda Nobunaga: In 1572 began to unify the country, died in 1582

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  1. Japan sent people all over to become educated.
    Japanese brought alot of arms and weapons
    Adopted the German Parliament: Diet system
  2. Heilongjiang River, Liaohe River, Sungari River, Hanjiang River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nujiang River, Brahmaputra River, Lancang River, Pearl River
  3. Forming your own dynasty or empire. Removing local authority, freeing prisoners and trashing gov buildings.
  4. -Gave back land to peasants, erased debt and reformed land.
    -Female emancipation, movement for women equality
    -Education, introduced easier form of writing and new lunar calender.
  5. In Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.

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  1. Post hoc ergo propter hocafter this, therefore because of this, this is the people's reasoning for why someone lost the mandate of heaven


  2. Filial PietyRespect for parents and people


  3. HanThe chinese majority that the Manchu during the Qing ruled over.


  4. Pre-Opium War Facts1840-1842 first opium war. too many extra-territoriality issues.
    The most favored nation benefits from trade.
    1856-1860 China starts the second opium war (anglo-chinese war) and loses to Britain+France
    -China wanted to strengthen its military, navy, education and Gov


  5. Ming DynastyRulers of India who starved and got owned by the British


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