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  1. Shah Alam
  2. Progressive (good) aspects of the Taiping Rebellion
  3. 3 Rivers in China
  4. British occupation of India
  5. Post hoc ergo propter hoc
  1. a Blind poet during this time, ruled in 1806
  2. b Britain transported Opium to China from india. They influenced India, Burma, Hongkong and Pakistan.
  3. c after this, therefore because of this, this is the people's reasoning for why someone lost the mandate of heaven
  4. d -Gave back land to peasants, erased debt and reformed land.
    -Female emancipation, movement for women equality
    -Education, introduced easier form of writing and new lunar calender.
  5. e Huanghe: Yellow River
    Changjiang: Yangtze, literally means long
    Heilongjiang: Black Dragon River

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  1. Huge city in India, visited by Captain Cook
  2. The area where the British fought the Indians and French 4400 to 50,000 and won.
  3. Formed due to corrupt gov officials and floods. 20-100 million people were killed. Disease and scorched earth policy helped the death count. It applied millenarian-ism and helped for woman's rights and people gained a sense of nationalism. Gained a 10,000 people local army
  4. Began in 1856
  5. In Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.

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  1. What makes a Nation?-Bounded space, decline of sovereign/king rule.
    -Need a story, set boundaries, military, urban planning
    -industrial, economic and technological capacity
    -Pride, flags, uniform, song, story


  2. Qing Dynasty Corruptionrose 1644-1911. The Manchuus Ruled.


  3. Japanese TreatiesIeyasu Tokugawa: Took control 1600-1616, his shogunate lasted until 1850

    Toyotomi Hideoshi: Took control in 1586, died 1598

    Oda Nobunaga: In 1572 began to unify the country, died in 1582


  4. Extra TerritorialityAfter Japanese missions in 1868, 1875 and 1876 fail, in 1876 Japan sends in warships to Inchon to force this treaty


  5. LahoreThe area where the British fought the Indians and French 4400 to 50,000 and won.


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