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  1. Outside involvement during the Taiping Rebellion
  2. Delhi
  3. Progressive (good) aspects of the Taiping Rebellion
  4. Nagasaki
  5. Millard Filmore
  1. a Trading port called Deshima traded with China, Philippines and America, but in the beginning only the Dutch
  2. b President during the time of the end of the Tokugawa, sent Commodore Perry to Japan.
  3. c In Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.
  4. d Where the mughals in India led from. The Red Fort housed the royality
  5. e -Gave back land to peasants, erased debt and reformed land.
    -Female emancipation, movement for women equality
    -Education, introduced easier form of writing and new lunar calender.

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  1. 1. Modernization>Militarization: trade of arms + Industrialization: trade/build railways and steamships
    2. Education
    3. Self Strengthening: through nationalism, pride, stories and learning
    4: Strong Gov.
  2. 8.7% of the world was controlled by france. Took over parts of Vietnam. In 1844, they signed the Whampoa treaty with China to rent houses, shops, build churches, hospitals and schools.
  3. 1854: Treaty of Kanagawa with US, opened Shimoda and Hakodate
    1854: treaty with Britain, 1855: Treaty with Russia/Dutch
  4. US started using Steam ships to whale in the pacific. needed coal for ships. Japan had good geography, resources, and US could reach out for mercenaries
  5. -Bounded space, decline of sovereign/king rule.
    -Need a story, set boundaries, military, urban planning
    -industrial, economic and technological capacity
    -Pride, flags, uniform, song, story

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  1. RiversHeilongjiang River, Liaohe River, Sungari River, Hanjiang River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nujiang River, Brahmaputra River, Lancang River, Pearl River


  2. Ming DynastyQing: 1644 - 1911


  3. HanThe chinese majority that the Manchu during the Qing ruled over.


  4. 3 Japanese LeadersIeyasu Tokugawa: Took control 1600-1616, his shogunate lasted until 1850

    Toyotomi Hideoshi: Took control in 1586, died 1598

    Oda Nobunaga: In 1572 began to unify the country, died in 1582


  5. LucknowHindu and Muslim Soliders during the 1857 rebellion against Britain.


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