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  1. prospect
  2. expansion
  3. manual
  4. vigilantes
  5. isolated
  1. a self-appointed law enforces
  2. b extending the nation beyond its existing borders
  3. c promise; something looked forward to
  4. d done by using one's hands
  5. e set apart; separated

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  1. a meeting where the trappers would trade furs for supplies
  2. the land that forms the farthest extent of a nation's settled regions
  3. done in a way that increases production with the least amount of waste
  4. was given to these people who came to California in search of gold
  5. the legal rights to use the water in the river, stream, or other body

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  1. cedean attack in which one force surrounds a city or fort


  2. rancherosowners of ranches


  3. provoketo cause anger; to excite; to cause an action


  4. land grantsgovernment gifts of land


  5. hostileunfriendly; intending to do harm


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