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  1. flapper
  2. aryan
  3. leisure time
  4. tsar
  5. jazz age
  1. a free time
  2. b women in the 20s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair and rebelled against the older generation
  3. c the russian monarchist ruler
  4. d the indo-european "race" hitler thought was supreme to all others.
  5. e the years after WW1, including the roaring twenties and ending before the great depression

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  1. the flourishing of arts and artists in harlem, new york. (especially african-american artists)
  2. when black people from the south went up north away from the farms and plantations they were stuck working on for really low wages so they could get more money and better jobs
  3. Woodrow Wilson's idea of a group of nations, who would discuss rather than fight.
  4. the usual. after WW1, people wanted to return things to way they were before the war.
  5. Britain, France, Russia, US (Japan and Italy played a small part)

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  1. suffragettethe right to vote


  2. redsthe term given to communists, especially russians


  3. armisticeConduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.


  4. rumrunnerone who smuggles alcohol illegally


  5. suffragethe right to vote


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