Africa Sub-Sahara Review

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Tropical Rainforest

Type of climate with significant rainfall along the equator and Congo River

Tropical Savanna

Type of climate that supplies grassland regions


Type of climate that is covers more of Africa than any other


Type of climate that borders desert climate; Sahel region

Mid 1900's

When most African countries won their independence

Rivers provide

Hyrdoelectric power and transportation

Diamonds and gold

Minerals that Africa is known to have large quatities


Largest reserves in Nigeria

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Highest point in Africa

Congo River

Largest river system south of the Sahara


Group of people that established borders in Africa


Africa South of the Sahara is in terms of wealth

Rural areas

Most people Africa South of the Sahara live here

Urban areas

Fastest growing area in Africa South of the Sahara

Wealthiest country

South Africa

Civil War, Famine, Disease, Lack of Education

Reasons for low life expectancy


Fastest growing city in Africa South of the Sahara

Nelson Mandela

First black South African president


Country established by US President James Monroe for freed slaves

Civil Wars in Africa

Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda


A policy practiced in South Africa where there is racial segregation

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