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  1. Absolute Risk Reduction
  2. What is the leading cause of preventable death in the US?
  3. Relative Risk Reduction
  4. Independent Variables
  5. Types of Prevention:
    Primary Prevention
  1. a How much of the risk is reduced in the experimental group compared with the control group. RRR=ARR/(rate of control group)
  2. b "purported cause or predictor variables" p. 5
  3. c tobacco use
  4. d Definition: Preventing the initial development of a disease
    Ex. Immunization
  5. e ARR (same as Attributable Risk), It is the absolute value of the control group event rate - the experimental group event rate.

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  1. 11,700. Of these 11,700 known to have HIV, ~4,500 have AIDS. (This number with AIDS will probably not be asked since the term AIDS is somewhat subjective. The viral load limit that a person must have to be considered suffering from AIDS has been lowered in recent years.)
  2. The probability of an event in a population under study. #new cases over a given period of time / # people in the group
  3. 450,000
  4. ...4,700,000
  5. Normal distribution curve. based in statistical theory, describes the frequency distribution of repeated measurements of the same physical object by the same measurement.

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  1. Approximately how many people does smoking kill in AL every year?7,000


  2. IncidenceThe fraction or proportion of a group of people initially free of the outcome of interest that develops the condition over a given period of time


  3. Number of People Living in the US with HIV.500,000-1,000,000


  4. Types of Prevention:
    Tertiary Prevention
    Definition: Preventing the initial development of a disease
    Ex. Immunization


  5. ReliabilityProportion of people without the disease who have a negative test = true negatives/ (true negatives + false positives) p. 39


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