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  1. Types of Prevention:
    Secondary Prevention
  2. Baye's Theorem of Conditional Probabilities
  3. John Snow
  4. Independent Variables
  5. Epidemiology
  1. a The more sensitive a test is, the better will be its NPV. The more specific a test it, the better will be its PPV.
  2. b Did study of cholera
  3. c Def: Early detection of existing disease to reduce severity and complications
    Ex. Screening for cancer
  4. d "purported cause or predictor variables" p. 5
  5. e "the study of disease occurrence in human populations" p. 3

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  1. ARR (same as Attributable Risk), It is the absolute value of the control group event rate - the experimental group event rate.
  2. a process at any stage of inference tending to produce results that depart systematically from true values.
  3. 7,000
  4. "incidence study" Sample of people either free of outcome of interest and then followed over time as it emerges, or all diseased then followed for outcomes of that disease.. p. 64, All participants in a cohort study could experience the outcome of interest. 81 See Table 5.2 p. 84 "Advantages and Disadvantages of Cohort Studies"
  5. How much of the risk is reduced in the experimental group compared with the control group. RRR=ARR/(rate of control group)

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  1. Approximately how many people live in AL?...4,700,000


  2. Dependent Variables"purported cause or predictor variables" p. 5


  3. Reliability"the extent to which repeated measurements of a stable phenomenon by different people and instruments at different times and places get similar results" Other words for this are reproducability and precision. p. 20


  4. Approximately how many people live in the US?...300,000,000


  5. SensitivityProportion of people with a disease who have a positive test for the disease = true positives/(true positives + false negatives) p. 39


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