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  1. K. oxytoca
  2. Enterotoxigenic E. Coli
  3. Differential and Selective media
  4. Plesio shigelloides (enteric)
  5. Enteroadherent E. Coli
  1. a idole positive
  2. b The most common cause of travler's diarrhea
  3. c not oxidase negative (only one)
  4. d strains generally associated with two kinds of human disease; dearrheal syndromes and UTIs
  5. e are useful for identification

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  1. Phenylalanine Deaminse positive
    non lactose fermenter
  2. Plant pathogens
  3. VC
  4. GI tracts of animals
    faculatively anaerobic rods
    clear colonies mac
    O, H antigens (primary identifiers)
    H2s slantVi antigen
    typhoids fever
  5. clinically signficant human pathogen
    causes bacteremic and wound infections

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  1. P. Mirabillis P. Vulgarisswarming on nonselective media such as BAP
    *smells like burned chocolate

    produces H2S and Urease


  2. E. Coli (Biochemical)CAP, BAP, large grayish smooth colonies and Beta Hemolytic or non hemolytic on BAP


  3. EHECassociated with both diarrheal disease and UTIs


  4. Enterobacter and Pantoeadifferentiaed by the ODC test


  5. EagECassociated with both diarrheal disease and UTIs


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