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  1. EagEC
  2. Enterobacter and Pantoea
  3. Clinical Significance
  4. Yeresinia pestis
  5. Erwinia and Pectobacterium
  1. a causes diarrhea by adhereing to the surface of the intestinal mucosa, mostly seen in children
  2. b Plant pathogens
  3. c differentiaed by the ODC test
  4. d 25-30C
  5. e most redside in intestinal flora

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  1. salmonella, shigella, and yerisinia
  2. does not ferment sorbitol
    Serotyped for confirmation

    *Use Sorbitol MaConkey agar
  3. abcesses and UTIs
    nursery outbreaks of neonatal meningitis
  4. strains generally associated with two kinds of human disease; dearrheal syndromes and UTIs
  5. -polysaccharide capsule, moist, mucoid colonies
    -frequent cause of lower respiratory tract infections among hospitalized patients and other immunocompromised

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  1. Enterohemorrhagic E. ColiThe most common cause of travler's diarrhea


  2. Gastroenteritismethyl red positive
    Citrate positve
    ferment lactose


  3. Enteropathogenic E. Coliinfantile diarrhea


  4. Extraintestinal infection (E. Coli)produces dysentery with penetration, invasion, and destruction of intestinal mucosa

    *fecal oral


  5. typhoid fevergallbladder


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