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  1. Gastroenteritis
  2. EagEC
  3. Plesio shigelloides (enteric)
  4. P. Mirabillis P. Vulgaris (test)
  5. Enteric Bacteria
  1. a one of the most common forms of food poisoning
  2. b CAP, BAP, large grayish smooth colonies and Beta Hemolytic or non hemolytic on BAP
  3. c Mira (Indole -)
    vulgaris (ODC negative)
  4. d not oxidase negative (only one)
  5. e causes diarrhea by adhereing to the surface of the intestinal mucosa, mostly seen in children

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  1. human carriers
    *cause dysentery
    improper sanitary conditions
    posses only the O antigen
    non motile
  2. infantile diarrhea
  3. nosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment
  4. does not ferment sorbitol
    Serotyped for confirmation

    *Use Sorbitol MaConkey agar
  5. do not reduce nitrates to nitrites

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  1. K. oxytocanosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment


  2. Enterohemorrhagic E. Coliserotype O157:H7
    hemolytic uremic syndrome
    *bloody diarrhea


  3. DAECassociated with both diarrheal disease and UTIs


  4. Clinical Significancemost redside in intestinal flora


  5. Citrobactermethyl red positive
    Citrate positve
    ferment lactose


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