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  1. Uropathogenic E. Coli
  2. Differential and Selective media
  3. Edwardsiella
  4. Erwinia and Pectobacterium
  5. Shigella
  1. a most common cause of urinary tract infections in humans

    *caused by pili
  2. b are useful for identification
  3. c clinically signficant human pathogen
    causes bacteremic and wound infections
  4. d human carriers
    *cause dysentery
    improper sanitary conditions
    posses only the O antigen
    non motile
  5. e Plant pathogens

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  1. nosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment
  2. swarming on nonselective media such as BAP
    *smells like burned chocolate

    produces H2S and Urease
  3. gram-negative, non spore-forming, faculatively anaerobic rods
  4. most redside in intestinal flora
  5. not oxidase negative (only one)

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  1. Yeresinia pestis25-30C


  2. Gastroenteritisnosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment


  3. Enteroinvasive E. Colistrains generally associated with two kinds of human disease; dearrheal syndromes and UTIs


  4. K. oxytocashould be screened for salmonella, shigella, campylobacter

    generally non lactose fermenters


  5. Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdusdifferentiaed by the ODC test


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