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  1. infarct
  2. anaplasia
  3. cortex
  4. contusion
  5. dysplasia
  1. a bruise
  2. b abnormal cells without regular nucleus
  3. c wedge-shaped area of tissue deprived of its blood supply
  4. d formationof abnormal cells
  5. e outer portion of an organ

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  1. study of tumours
  2. dangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal
  3. benign tumour of cartilage
  4. removal of portion of living tissue for investigation
  5. lack of blood to a part

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  1. myalgiatumour of muscle


  2. hypertrophywastage of an organ


  3. NGopposite of malignant


  4. fundusarea of a hollow organ opposite main opening


  5. hilumdepression on surface of organ


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