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  1. infarct
  2. pleurisy
  3. hypertrophy
  4. NG
  5. peritonitis
  1. a inflammation of lining of abdomen/pelvis
  2. b inflammationof pleura (covering lungs)
  3. c new growth
  4. d enlargement of an organ with its own tissue
  5. e wedge-shaped area of tissue deprived of its blood supply

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  1. bruise
  2. formationof abnormal cells
  3. cancerous cells
  4. malignant tumour of cartilage & bone
  5. area of a hollow organ opposite main opening

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  1. necrosisdeath of tissue


  2. sebaceous cystswelling caused by blockage of sebaceous gland duct


  3. lesionabnormal change in tissue


  4. anaplasiaabnormal cells without regular nucleus


  5. medullainner portion of an organ


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