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  1. necrosis
  2. hilum
  3. necrotising fasciitis
  4. adenoma
  5. anaplasia
  1. a tumour of a gland
  2. b destruction of soft tissue by overwhelming bacterial infection
  3. c death of tissue
  4. d abnormal cells without regular nucleus
  5. e depression on surface of organ

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  1. tumour composed of fat
  2. obstruction of blood vessel by particle of blood, fat or air
  3. new growth
  4. new growth or tumour
  5. cancerous cells

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  1. sarcomacancer of connective tissue


  2. pleurisyinflammationof pleura (covering lungs)


  3. malignantdangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal


  4. infarctwedge-shaped area of tissue deprived of its blood supply


  5. ischaemialack of blood to a part


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