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  1. keloid scar
  2. myoma
  3. papilloma
  4. oedema
  5. histerology
  1. a wart-type benign tumour
  2. b tumour of muscle
  3. c abnormal overgrowth of fibrous tissue in healing of wound
  4. d free fluid in the tissues
  5. e study of tissues

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  1. enlargement of an organ with its own tissue
  2. obstruction of blood vessel by particle of blood, fat or air
  3. swelling containing blood
  4. tumour of epithelial tissue
  5. cancer of connective tissue

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  1. myasthenia gravispainful muscles


  2. lipomatumour of fibrous tissue


  3. cytologystudy of cells


  4. NGopposite of malignant


  5. carcinomacancerous cells


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