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  1. dysplasia
  2. lesion
  3. carcinoma
  4. cortex
  5. embolus
  1. a blood clot, fat or air travelling in blood stream
  2. b abnormal change in tissue
  3. c cancerous cells
  4. d formationof abnormal cells
  5. e outer portion of an organ

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  1. bruise
  2. depression on surface of organ
  3. tumour of a gland
  4. type of cell growing beyond where usually found
  5. study of cells

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  1. atrophywastage of an organ


  2. neoplasmnew growth or tumour


  3. fundusarea of a hollow organ opposite main opening


  4. necrosisobstruction of blood vessel by particle of blood, fat or air


  5. malignantdangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal


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