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  1. proxy
  2. hydrosphere
  3. cryosphere
  4. positive feedback
  5. alkenones
  1. a includes all of the earth's water found in oceans, glaciers, lakes, ground water, and the air.
  2. b When A increases, B increases, which causes A to increase even more.Ex. temp increase, ice melts, albedo decrease, temp increase
  3. c a substitute recorder of past climate Ex. width of growth rings may indicate what climate was like in the past
  4. d long carbon-chain molecules made by some plankton
  5. e the frozen part of the earth's surface, including glaciers, polar ice caps, continental ice sheets, etc.

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  1. Precession, obliquity, and eccentricity
  2. short term changes in surface conditions
  3. the farthest orbital point from the sun (152 million km)
  4. ... affect global weather patterns and are caused by changes in wind strength in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
  5. ice that is drilled out of glaciers. Gas bubbles in them give a direct measurement of what the climate was like in the past

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  1. Milankovitch cyclesorbital parameters affecting how much energy earth receives from the sun


  2. West Pacific Warm Poolphotosynthesis in surface waters which uses up C02 draws down more C02 from the atmosphere


  3. biological pumpwhere plants and animals do and don't live now and in the past


  4. albedothe farthest orbital point from the sun (152 million km)


  5. obliquity(tilt) earth's orientation relative to the solar plane fluctuations (between 21.5 and 24.5 degrees over 41,000 years)


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