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Jackson Democracy Test

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  1. What were the pros of Jackson's inauguration event?
  2. What were the cons of Jackson leaving office?
  3. Who were the Northeastern people?
  4. What were the pros of Jackson's Native American views?
  5. What is secession?
  1. a a separation or withdrawal from an alliance or federation
  2. b Wanted Western lands sold at higher prices

    Supported federal spending on internal improvements

    Supported high tariffs
  3. c He left the office too "puffed up"

    The USA went into a depression
  4. d Inspired many people to get interested in politics and the presidency candidates

    His majority rule concept widened political power to more of the country's people

    He earned the trust of the people and received the most popular votes
  5. e By ordering the Native Americans to leave their land, the United States grew larger

    Some Native Americans were assimilated into white culture, and learned many new things

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Since Jackson viewed the Native Americans uncivilized and obstacles, he supported them moving and the Indian Removal Act

    He believed that the Native Americans could be bossed around by the government, and he made them sign their land over

    He immediately enforced the Act (which caused conflict and strained relationships with government leaders) and thousands of Native Americans were forced into camps
  2. Practice of giving government jobs to political backers

    Jackson's inauguration led to a change in cabinet, which he was accused of using the spoils system

    Following the accusation, Jackson defended himself by stating the principle of rotation in office
  3. John C. Calhoun sympathized with South Carolina and the other struggling states, and created the doctrine of nullification

    The doctrine stated that a state could nullify (reject) a federal law that it considered unconstitutional

    This gave the states a peaceful way to protest and maintain their freedom
  4. Congress passed a bill that significantly raised tariffs on raw materials and manufactured goods

    The Southerners hated it and called it the Tariff of Abomination

    The tariff hit South Carolina's economy hard
  5. The sales of Western public land
    Federal spending
    Rising tariffs

5 True/False Questions

  1. What were the pros of Jackson targeting the Second Bank?The bank went out of business, and all of the employees who worked there lost their jobs

    Since the state banks became popular, they issued too much money

    Inflation happened

    The value of the dollar went down

    People now had to pay in gold and silver

    Jackson left office while the economy was in the Panic of 1837


  2. Who was Martin Van Buren?Invented the Cherokee's written language to help them share the power with whites and keep their independance


  3. What were the pros of Jackson beginning office?Instead of reforming the government like he promised, Jackson replaced the government officials with his supporters

    Shortly after the inauguration, the country was torn apart by three economic issues


  4. What were the cons of Jackson having tariffs?Tariffs made American-made goods less expensive than imports, protecting the Northeastern factories


  5. Where did the Cherokee come from?Most powerful bank in the country

    Set policies that controlled nation's money supply

    Since the bank made loans to members of Congress, the bank could influence the lawmakers decisions

    Jackson believed the bank had too much power

    To stay in business, the bank needed a charter, or a written grant, from the federal government

    Jackson let Congress renew the charter, but he vetoed the renewal

    Set out to demolish the bank, Jackson and his supporters put government funds in state banks

    Although the bank stuck back by making it harder to borrow money, Jackson prevailed


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