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  1. asperity
  2. agrarian
  3. acerbity
  4. apropos
  5. abrogate
  1. a a sharp sour taste
  2. b harshness of temper, tone, or manner
  3. c put aside, put an end to
  4. d rural, agricultural
  5. e Fitting the occasion; suitable or apt., opportunely

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  1. criticism
  2. a cursed, detested person
  3. self-evident truth requiring no proof
  4. sparing in eating and drinking; temperate
  5. protection, support

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  1. abeyancefit for plowing, tillable


  2. atavisma reappearance of an earlier characteristic


  3. attenuateput aside, put an end to


  4. arablefit for plowing, tillable


  5. apotheosisprotection, support


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