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  1. Obligated
  2. Earnest
  3. Discern
  4. Sporadically
  5. Dread
  1. a to be required to do something.
  2. b to observe or take notice.
  3. c the fearful expectation of something.
  4. d sincere or serious in intention.
  5. e happening not very often, only once in a while.

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  1. soaked with liquid, wet all the way through.
  2. to defeat or conquer, as in a battle.
  3. satisfied; content to a fault.
  4. to influence a person by flattering words.
  5. mixed up; jumbled; distorted.

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  1. Prissyto be very proper or neat.


  2. Idlyto be very proper or neat.


  3. Repentedto ask for forgiveness of sin.


  4. Clamberedmixed up; jumbled; distorted.


  5. Suppressto hold back, repress, refrain from showing.


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