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  1. Temur
  2. Subjugate
  3. anda
  4. Sedentary Life
  5. Khwarezm
  1. a blood brother
  2. b to conquer and subdue
  3. c root, base meaning iron
  4. d opposite of Nomadic life
  5. e Islamic Empire that was modern day Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and parts of Iran

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  1. period of Mongolian peace brought by one authority controlling so many lands
  2. having no permanent home, moving seasonally to obtain food and shelter
  3. follower
  4. communication network
  5. one of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol

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  1. Sagea profoundly wise person


  2. keshigan Islamic king, often from Persia or Iran


  3. Shamanisman Islamic king, often from Persia or Iran


  4. ExogamyMarrying out of the tribe


  5. Hordesreligions ruled by subordinate khans who defer to the Great Khan


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