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  1. Temur
  2. Nokhod
  3. Steppe
  4. Caliph
  5. Shamanism
  1. a root, base meaning iron
  2. b Chief Muslim civil and religious leader
  3. c semi-arid, grassy plain
  4. d follower
  5. e belief in an unseen world of gods, ancestral spirits, and demons that can influence the course of events

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  1. very different
  2. a dynasty that is ruled by a foreigner
  3. killing one's brother
  4. Marrying out of the tribe
  5. opposite of Nomadic life

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  1. CathayWestern term for China


  2. Nomadic lifehaving no permanent home, moving seasonally to obtain food and shelter


  3. Sagea profoundly wise person


  4. Tallowone of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol


  5. keshigan Islamic king, often from Persia or Iran


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