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  1. Temur
  2. Steppe
  3. Moghul Empire
  4. Yurt
  5. Disparate
  1. a root, base meaning iron
  2. b (russian) felt tent- Mongol housing- that is moveable and collapsible
  3. c very different
  4. d semi-arid, grassy plain
  5. e A Muslim Dynasty in India (1500-1800) of Mongol origin (1200s)

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  1. opposite of Nomadic life
  2. blood brother
  3. period of Mongolian peace brought by one authority controlling so many lands
  4. Marrying out of the tribe
  5. one of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol

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  1. Corpsa subdivision of an armed force


  2. Subjugateto conquer and subdue


  3. Khanan Islamic king, often from Persia or Iran


  4. Patronsomeone who sponsors, supports, champions


  5. TallowChief Muslim civil and religious leader


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