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  1. Patron
  2. Nokhod
  3. Moghul Empire
  4. Yam
  5. Kaftan
  1. a cotton or silk, ankle length long- sleeved robe
  2. b follower
  3. c communication network
  4. d someone who sponsors, supports, champions
  5. e A Muslim Dynasty in India (1500-1800) of Mongol origin (1200s)

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  1. Western term for China
  2. Islamic Empire that was modern day Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and parts of Iran
  3. a dynasty that is ruled by a foreigner
  4. like an Emperor, but title of a Mongol ruler
  5. water-proof, fatty substance from animals

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  1. Hordesreligions ruled by subordinate khans who defer to the Great Khan


  2. Sedentary Lifehaving no permanent home, moving seasonally to obtain food and shelter


  3. Caliphareas ruled by Caliph, emirate, shogunate, khante, sultanate


  4. Subjugateto conquer and subdue


  5. Disparatea profoundly wise person


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