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  1. What is the Neck?
  2. molars are primarily for ________
  3. What is Propulsion?
  4. additional liver functions include hematological regulation, including ______cytosis and ______ presentation, synthesis of ______ _______, and removal of ________, _______, and ______, as well as synthesis and secretion of _______
  5. What is Pulp?
  1. a phago, antigen, plasma proteins, hormones, antibodies, toxins, bile
  2. b Constriction where the crown and root come together.
  3. c Swallowing and peristalsis.
  4. d grinding
  5. e Connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.

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  1. Binds with intrinsic fact and is absorbed by endocytosis.
  2. fats
  3. Gripping and repositioning food during chewing, mixing food with saliva and forming the bolus. Initiation of swallowing and speech.
  4. achalasia
  5. carbohydrates

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  1. What are Dental Caries?Cavities. Gradual demineralization of enamel and dentin by bacterial action.


  2. What do Gastic Pits contain?Protective Visceral Peritoneum.


  3. What is the buccal phase of Degultition?Bolus is forced into the oropharynx, voluntary contraction of the tongue.


  4. _______ break down nucleic acidsnucleases


  5. What are carbohydrates absorbed by?Diffused into the intestinal cells where they combine with proteins and extrude chylomicrons (water soluble lipoproteins). Enter lacteals and are tranposrted to system circulars via lymph.


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