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  1. What converts food into Chyme?
  2. catabolic reactions are _________ processes
  3. enteroendocrine cells secrete ______
  4. trypsin converts ________ to elastase, which continues protein digestion
  5. What are Brunner's Glands?
  1. a hormones
  2. b Duodenal glands in the duodenum that secrete alkaline mucus.
  3. c Chemical breakdown of proteins.
  4. d desctructive
  5. e proelastase

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  1. emesis
  2. Pepsin in the stomach.
  3. 1.5
  4. mechanical processing, mastication
  5. Scattered throughout the oral mucosa, keep the mouth moist. (Buccal glands).

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  1. What is Periodontitis?Elimination of indigestible solid wastes.


  2. What are Dental Caries?The gallbladder to contract, the hepatopancreatic sphincter to relax. As a result the bile enters the duodenum.


  3. anabolic reactions are ________ processestearing


  4. What are the enzymes acting in the small intestines with Proteins?Pepsin in the stomach.


  5. What do Enteroendocrine cells secrete?HCl and intrinsic factor.


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