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  1. _______ phase; neural and hormonal response
  2. _________ enzymes break down proteins
  3. What do Secretroy cells of Intestinal Crypts produce?
  4. _____ ________ _____ (BMR) indicates how well we can break things down
  5. What are Permanent Teeth?
  1. a proteolytic
  2. b Enlarge and develop causing the root of deciduous teeth to be resorbed and fall out between the ages of 6 to 12 years.
  3. c Intestinal Juice.
  4. d basal metabolic rate
  5. e intestinal

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  1. fats
  2. Stop feces from being passed with gas.
  3. Secretion of Mucus, absorption of end products of digestion, protection against infectious disease.
  4. cephalic phase
  5. hormones

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  1. What are Canines?Chisel-shaped teeth for cutting or nipping.


  2. ___________ is the malposition of teethparietal


  3. What is the 2nd largest cause of cancer death in males?Colon Cancer.


  4. ______ ______ is _______ or chewingmechanical processing, mastication


  5. What is a Root Canal?Movement of nutrients from the GI tract to the blood of lymph.


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