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  1. the ______ is the last part of the small intestine
  2. the mucosa layer is made of _____ _______ epithelium; it is a ________ / _______ layer
  3. How many permanent teeth are their usually?
  4. What are Dental Caries?
  5. ___________ is the malposition of teeth
  1. a malocclusion
  2. b simple columnar, secretive, absorptive
  3. c ileum
  4. d 32.
  5. e Cavities. Gradual demineralization of enamel and dentin by bacterial action.

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  1. B, C
  2. An additional obliquid layer that allows the stomach to churn, mix and pummel food physically, breaks down food into smaller fragments.
  3. Pocketlike sacs caused by the tone of the teniae coli.
  4. Fat filled pouches of visceral peritoneum.
  5. Depression where the gingiva borders the tooth.

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  1. What are the cell types in Gastric Glands?Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual.


  2. _________ is the destruction of glycogenglycogenolysis


  3. molars are primarily for ________grinding


  4. ________ factor is necessary for the absorption of ingested vitamin B12malocclusion


  5. What do IELs release?Cytokines. (Kill infected cells).


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