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  1. What is a lack of Vitamin B12?
  2. What is the function of saliva?
  3. What is the first stage of a Cavity?
  4. What are Brunner's Glands?
  5. _____ ________ _____ (BMR) indicates how well we can break things down
  1. a Cleanses the mouth, moistens and dissolves food chemicals, aids in bolus formation, contains enzymes that break down starch.
  2. b Duodenal glands in the duodenum that secrete alkaline mucus.
  3. c Pernicious Anemia.
  4. d Dental plague, a film of sugar, bacteria, and mouth debris, adheres to teeth.
  5. e basal metabolic rate

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  1. Stores and concetrates bile by abosrbing its water and ions. Releases bile via the cystic duct, which flows into the bile duct.
  2. An additional obliquid layer that allows the stomach to churn, mix and pummel food physically, breaks down food into smaller fragments.
  3. carbohydrate, lipid, amino acid, wastes, vitamin, mineral, drug
  4. cecum
  5. jejunum

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  1. How are Nucleic Acids Absorbed?Active transport via membrane carriers. In Villi and transported to live via hepatic portal vein.


  2. ______ is a viral disease of salivary glandsScattered throughout the oral mucosa, keep the mouth moist. (Buccal glands).


  3. What does CCK cause?The gallbladder to contract, the hepatopancreatic sphincter to relax. As a result the bile enters the duodenum.


  4. What is the Neck?Constriction where the crown and root come together.


  5. _______ is another word for throwing uplipolysis


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