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  1. What do bile salts and secretin in the blood stimulate the liver to do?
  2. enteroendocrine cells secrete ______
  3. the ______ is the last part of the small intestine
  4. release of bile controlled by ____
  5. What do Peyer's patches in the submucosa protect?
  1. a Produce bile.
  2. b hormones
  3. c Distal part against bacteria.
  4. d ileum
  5. e CCK

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  1. Catabolic breakdown of food.
  2. K, fat
  3. Separates the right and left lobes anteriorly, suspends the liver from the diaphragm and anterior abdominal wall.
  4. trace
  5. Celiac trunk, veins of the hepatic protal system.

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  1. ______ _____ is when the pockets that develop outside of the colon inflamehaustrum


  2. the order of contents: food, _____, _____, _____, and _____vascularized, lacteals


  3. What is the largest gland in the body?Liver.


  4. What is the function of the Gallbaldder?Stores and concetrates bile by abosrbing its water and ions. Releases bile via the cystic duct, which flows into the bile duct.


  5. ______ is the chief enzyme of gastric juice, which converts proteinsproteolytic


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