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  1. ______ _____ is when the pockets that develop outside of the colon inflame
  2. What are the risk factors for Periodontitis?
  3. _______ is the failure to relax
  4. ______ is the breakdown of food
  5. _________ is the production of glycogen in liver
  1. a achalasia
  2. b digestion
  3. c diverticulitis
  4. d glycogenesis
  5. e Smoking, diabetic mellitus, tongue or lip piercings.

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  1. Teniae coli, haustra, and epiploc appendages.
  2. mumps
  3. Depression where the gingiva borders the tooth.
  4. hepato
  5. Pernicious Anemia.

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  1. What are the enzymes used in digestion of Nuclei Acids?Pancreatic ribonucleases, and deoxyribonuclease in the small intestines.


  2. _______ is a sphere of bile salt molecules, essential for the absorption of fatty acids in the small intestineduodenum


  3. the ________ stores and concentrates bilehepato


  4. What is Periodontitis?Poriton of the pulp cavity that extends into the root.


  5. the ______ is a cul-de-sac that forms the first portion of the large intestinececum


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