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  1. the ______ is a cul-de-sac that forms the first portion of the large intestine
  2. ______ _______ of gastric secretion occurs even before food enters the stomach, especially when it is being eaten; parasympathetic; minutes
  3. enteroendocrine cells secrete ______
  4. What are the functions of the tongue?
  5. __________ is the production of fats
  1. a cephalic phase
  2. b lipogenesis
  3. c hormones
  4. d Gripping and repositioning food during chewing, mixing food with saliva and forming the bolus. Initiation of swallowing and speech.
  5. e cecum

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  1. Controlled by medulla and lower pons - all routes except into the digestive tract are sealed off. Involuntary.
  2. Portion of the tooth embedded in the jawbone.
  3. Paracrines serotinin and histamine, Hormones somatostatin and gastrin.
  4. fats
  5. 32.

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  1. 1 to ___ liters of saliva are produced each day; it helps with digestive process1.5


  2. What are the Primary Teeth?Pocketlike sacs caused by the tone of the teniae coli.


  3. What is the Cementum?Calcified connective tissue that covers ther oot and attaches it to the periodontal ligament.


  4. the mucosa layer is made of _____ _______ epithelium; it is a ________ / _______ layersimple columnar, secretive, absorptive


  5. _________ (previously known as enterokinase) converts trypsinogen to trypsinenteropeptidase


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