Amendments to the Constitution (Translation)

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Amendment 1

Guarantees us freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

Amendment 2

We have the freedom to keep and bear arms.
Some may say that this isn't true, if you look at the first and second part of the actual text, as it explicitly guarantees members of the armed forces freedom to bear arms, yet it doesn't mention civilians.

Amendment 3

Nobody can force you to quarter soldiers.

Amendment 4

Must have a warrant to search somebody or their possessions (there are exceptions).

Amendment 5

Gives us the right to a Grand Jury indictment, the right to due process (fair treatment), the right to remain silent, and the freedom from Double Jeopardy.

Amendment 6

Right to a speedy and public trial, right to a trial by jury, right to know the charges against you, right to confront witnesses against you, and right to council (a lawyer).

Amendment 7

If the value in question is over $20, a fair trial by jury will take place (civil court).

Amendment 8

No excessive fines or bail will be issued, and cruel and unusual punishment is not allowed.

Amendment 9

The people have more power than is guaranteed in this Constitution (power to the people).

Amendment 10

The states have more power than is guaranteed in this Constitution (power to the states).

Amendment 11

Deals with lawsuits and states.

Amendment 12

Creates the Electoral College.

Amendment 13

Abolishes slavery.

Amendment 14

Defines citizenship rights, due process must be followed by all states.

Amendment 15

Anybody born in the US can vote, regardless of race.

Amendment 16

Creates the income tax.

Amendment 17

Deals with Direct Election of US Senators.

Amendment 18

Creates Prohibition of alcohol, making the creation, transpiration, and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal.

Amendment 19

Women can vote.

Amendment 20

The President is inaugurated on January 20th.

Amendment 21

Repeals Prohibition.

Amendment 22

The President can only stay in office for 2 terms.

Amendment 23

Washington DC gets 3 representatives (no vote) in Congress.

Amendment 24

Bans the poll tax.

Amendment 25

Presidential succession-Vice President is second, and Speaker of the House is third in the line of succession.

Amendment 26

18-year olds can vote.

Amendment 27

Deals with Congress and pay raises.

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