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  1. the use of force to move an object a certain distance
  2. two or more simple machines. ex: scissors
  3. the energy of motion
  4. also known as heat energy, it is produced by the movement of molecules
  5. the ABILITY to do work, either to make an object move or to change matter
  1. a compound machine
  2. b kinetic energy
  3. c Thermal energy
  4. d work
  5. e energy

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  1. balanced forces
  2. inertia
  3. wheel & axels
  4. pan balance
  5. chemical energy

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  1. a pulley that is not attached to a fixed object. it moves in the same direction as the loadmoveable pulley


  2. energy that passes from on object to anothertransferred energy


  3. any change in an objects rate of speedacceleration


  4. stored energy that has the future ability to do worktransferred energy


  5. a fixed point or support on which a lever pivotsNewtons (N)


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