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  1. a simple machine that is made up of a bar that turns on a fixed point called a fulcrum
  2. a machine made up of 2 inclined planes placed back-to-back
  3. energy from the sun or lights. it is visible to the human eye
  4. law that states Force is equal to Mass time Acceleration
  5. a simple machine made up of a rope or chain and a wheel around which the rope or chain fits - make it easier to lift a load
  1. a wedge
  2. b Sir Issac Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
  3. c Light energy
  4. d lever
  5. e pulley

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  1. Sir Issac Newton's 1st Law of Motion
  2. force
  3. Sound energy
  4. simple machine
  5. unbalanced forces

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  1. a force of attraction or pull between objectsgravity


  2. energy in the movement of charged particles sent through wires or cables or from batteries: moving electronselectrical energy


  3. energy stored in particles that make up food or other fuelschemical energy


  4. accelerates an object faster than a lesser force would accelerate an objectgravity


  5. a simple machine with only one part - a flat slanted surface with one end higher than the otherinclined plane


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