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  1. the distance traveled in an amount of time
  2. a fixed point or support on which a lever pivots
  3. stored energy that has the future ability to do work
  4. a measure of force in metric units
  5. the object being moved by a lever
  1. a potential energy
  2. b speed
  3. c fulcrum
  4. d load
  5. e Newtons (N)

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  1. chemical energy
  2. transferred energy
  3. lever
  4. force
  5. wheel & axels

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  1. the ABILITY to do work, either to make an object move or to change matterenergy


  2. energy in the movement of charged particles sent through wires or cables or from batteries: moving electronschemical energy


  3. energy that changes from one form to anothertransformed energy


  4. an incline plane wrapped around a pole or twisted into a spiraltransformed energy


  5. a simple machine with only one part - a flat slanted surface with one end higher than the otherinclined plane


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