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  1. law that states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  2. the distance traveled in an amount of time
  3. a simple machine made up of a rope or chain and a wheel around which the rope or chain fits - make it easier to lift a load
  4. energy that passes from on object to another
  5. two or more simple machines. ex: scissors
  1. a compound machine
  2. b transferred energy
  3. c pulley
  4. d Sir Issac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
  5. e speed

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  1. Sir Issac Newton's 1st Law of Motion
  2. lever
  3. Light energy
  4. screw
  5. simple machine

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  1. a force that works against motion to slow an object or cause it to stop completelyenergy


  2. the use of force to move an object a certain distanceNewtons (N)


  3. the ability to do workeffort force


  4. the amount of work a machine produces compared to the amount of work applied.mass


  5. a simple machine with only one part - a flat slanted surface with one end higher than the otherinclined plane


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