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  1. law that states Force is equal to Mass time Acceleration
  2. a pulley where the wheel is attached to something and it can not change position
  3. the use of force to move an object a certain distance
  4. stored energy that has the future ability to do work
  5. the amount of matter or stuff in an object
  1. a mass
  2. b Sir Issac Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
  3. c work
  4. d fixed pulley
  5. e potential energy

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  1. compound machine
  2. inclined plane
  3. balanced forces
  4. unbalanced forces
  5. transformed energy

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  1. accelerates an object faster than a lesser force would accelerate an objecta greater force


  2. energy that is produced by a source and heard by the eartransferred energy


  3. energy that passes from on object to anothertransformed energy


  4. the force used to do workeffort force


  5. an incline plane wrapped around a pole or twisted into a spiralscrew


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