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  1. something that has only a few parts and makes it easier to do work
  2. the amount of work a machine produces compared to the amount of work applied.
  3. describes the object's speed and direction of motion
  4. stored energy that has the future ability to do work
  5. energy produced by splitting the tiniest particle of matter (atoms)
  1. a efficiency
  2. b Nuclear energy
  3. c potential energy
  4. d velocity
  5. e simple machine

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  1. wedge
  2. a greater force
  3. mechanical energy
  4. gravity
  5. inertia

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  1. law that states Force is equal to Mass time AccelerationSir Issac Newton's 2nd Law of Motion


  2. a simple machine that is made up of a bar that turns on a fixed point called a fulcrumwheel & axels


  3. a simple machine made up of a rope or chain and a wheel around which the rope or chain fits - make it easier to lift a loadwheel & axels


  4. energy that passes from on object to anothertransferred energy


  5. two or more simple machines. ex: scissorscompound machine


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