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  1. sinuous
  2. blithe
  3. contentious
  4. vanguard
  5. acquiesce
  1. a (n) the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field

    forefront, cutting edge, trailblazers
  2. b (adj) quarrelsome, inclined to argure

    syn: argumentative, disputatious, combative
  3. c (v) to accept without protest; to agree or submit

    syn: comply with, accede, consent, yield
    ant: resist, protest
  4. d (adj) cheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned

    syn: carefree, nonchalant, indifferent
    ant: glum, morose, despondent, depressed
  5. e (adj) winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible

    twisting, convoluted, serpentine, supple

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (adj) to be regretted or pitied

    deplorable, regrettable, distressing
  2. (n) an suitable or misleading name

    misnaming, malapropism
  3. (n) one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets

    dfender, champion, interpreter
  4. (v) to entice, tempt; to be attractive to
    (n) a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm

    syn: (v) beguile, tantalize; (n) temptation, enticement
    ant: (v) repel, turn off; (n) repellent
  5. (v) to affirm openly; to state or belief in; to claim, pretend

    assert, declare, proclaim, purport

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  1. sonorous(adj) full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style

    resonant, resounding, grandiloquent


  2. garrulous(adj) given to much talking, tediously chatty

    talkitive, loquacious, long-winded


  3. retribution(n) a repayment; a deserved punishment

    recompense, requital, just desserts


  4. wastrel(n) a wasteful person, spendthrft; a good-for-nothing

    loafer, idler, squanderer, profligate


  5. disheveled(adj) rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder

    untidy, disarranged, tousled, unkempt


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