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  1. A coherent way of thinking about how politics and government ought to be carried out.
  2. In recent surveys, were Americans more likely to worry that the government would become too tolerant of behaviors that are bad for society, or too intolerant of behaviors that don't do any real harm to society?
  3. The ability to understand and take part in politics.
  4. A belief that personal freedom and solving social problems are more important than religion.
  5. Since the mid-1960s, there has been a fairly sharp drop in one of the two senses of political efficacy. Which one is it?

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  1. Class ConsciousnessA belief that one can affect government policies.


  2. External EfficacyThe willingness of the state to respond to the citizenry.


  3. Defend standardsRecently, have Americans believed that it is more important to defend traditional standards of right and wrong, or to protect the rights of individuals?


  4. Political EfficacyA belief that you can take part in politics (internal _____) or that the government will respond to the citizenry (external _______). Somewhat disturbingly, this has recently declined in American political culture.


  5. OrthodoxA belief that morality and religion ought to be of decisive importance.


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