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  1. Quadrivium
  2. St. Cosmas and Damian
  3. Categorical interpretation of the Oath (Postmodern Heptalogue)
  4. Votives
  5. Declaration of Geneva: Physician's Code
  1. a • Precept of beneficence and non-maleficence
    • Proscription against euthanasia
    • Interdiction of abortion
    • Precept of purity and holiness
    • Call for competence and specialization
    • Precept of sexual continence
    • Precept of confidentiality
    o Have perceive these as absolute
    o Have divorced Hippocrates and Hippocratic oath from history
  2. b - Utmost respect of human life; tried to make more specific what physicians should do
  3. c • These saints have mythological tones similar to Asclepius
    • Birth - miraculous births
    o Twin boys and their medicine/art was empowered by Jesus
    o Better than pagan doctors
    • Training
    o Empowered by Jesus as opposed to Pagan Gods
    • Miraculous Cures
    o Pray to them and they can treat you
  4. d last 4 of liberal arts
    o Geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and music
  5. e body parts of what you heal up, sculptors

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  1. Bologna curricula (1405) p.198-199
  2. • Collection of different criticism talking of demons and disease
    • Main criticism - playing with term pharmacology - could also mean poison
    • In the material world, demons control everything and try to make things confusing so that we don't find God
  3. beginning with a question
  4. o Education is a defining mark
    o 3 year university education, 5 years of studying medicine, learn surgery; granted license and have to pass a test at the end
    o Med school is very limiting; financially, racially, etc
  5. People should specialize in certain parts of the body and then go deeper to specialize further.
    o There was no systemized thing for it
    o Argues that the parts of the body, being critical, saying there were many fields, people, the sects affect how divisions work.
    o Unique to big cities
    o What about Galen?
    • Galen put himself and other learned physicians on top
    • Tried to put philosophy/logic in medicine to show a hierarchy.
    o Expand the practice of medicine; trainers have expertise but don't really know how the body works.

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  1. Celus, De medicina...


  2. Hippocrates and Democrituso Humanism - the idea of moving back to the original
    • Getting away from Arabic translations
    • Reading original authors in their totality
    • The way people perceived Hippocrates and medicine
    • Symphony of Plato
    • Has Plato, Galen, Hippocrates and Aristotle
    o Shown in agreement with one another
    o Aristotle and Galen's beliefs don't actually agree


  3. Doctor (doctor physica)Study of Nature, natural philosophy, seeing elements and humors and how the body works
    Will have a contract with the patients, like insurance


  4. Enkuklios paideiao Means the circle of education - early Greek term for the liberal arts


  5. Hippocrates and the PlagueHippocrates stopped the plague
    o Makes ideal physician as someone who can do anything
    • In our only account of the plague, physicians were dying from it
    • People didn't trust physicians


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