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  1. Hippocrates and Today
  2. Doctor's competence and licensure
  3. Liberal arts in late antiquity and medieval time
  4. Doctor's Trial, Nuremberg Trials
  5. Snake of Asclepius
  1. a Were told that they violated the commandment; wasn't valid since Hippocratic Oath was created so long ago.
    • Nazi doctors experimenting on Jewish people
    o Nuremberg code (1947) - no more human experimentation
  2. b Spend at least 1 year as an apprentice after completing school. Licensing: need a university education but there had been exceptions.
    o Standards of competence for a doctor Page 450.
    o 3 year university education, 5 years of studying medicine, then you have to pass a test
    • Need government regulation for his
  3. c grammar, dialectic, rhetoric, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music
    o Art of the free people
  4. d ...
  5. e o A historical figure
    • We don't really think of him as the father of medicine
    o Medicine today is real science not art

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  1. o Religion
    • Christianity has a book that tells you how to practice/worship
    o Cult - individual to each location on how things are practiced
    o No religion of Asclepius
  2. o Hippocrates summoned by people of Abdera, where Democritus comes from
    o Democritus laughing at everything in life
    • Promises money to H
    • Hippocrates doesn't need money but went ahead to cure Democritus
    • Hippocrates claims he didn't take money
    o Hippocrates writing down where melancholy/madness comes from (black bile)
    o Portrayed better than a philosopher, in relation to him
  3. o Galen, Avecenna, Hippocrates
    • 3 major readings
    o The way medical texts were looked at in Medieval setting
    • Look at them analytically
    • Argue back and forth the reason for differences in opinion
  4. o By a person who is essentially a professor of that university
    o A minor lecture
    • One in the morning, then evening
    • Read parts of the text
    • Very ordered and structured
    • Medicine is a 4 year program at the time
  5. ...

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  1. Medieval practitioners...


  2. Pantegni of Haly Abbas...


  3. Crypt of St. Magnis• Human life
    • The humors, seasons, elements
    • Crypt of St. magnus (1237 AD)
    • A Christian saint
    • Have Hippocrates and Galen
    o Not considered foreign and pagan
    o Seen as a part of life itself and way it works


  4. Hippocrates and Artaxerxeso 13th century fresco
    o Galen being lectured to by Hippocrates
    • The complexion of the day itself and temperaments of human beings


  5. Triviumfirst 3 of liberal arts, particularly how they broke up the liberal arts
    o Grammar, logic and rhetoric
    o The way liberal arts was broken down in renaissance


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