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  1. Zealous
  2. Bloody Revolution
  3. Socialist Realism
  4. Whites
  5. Superfical
  1. a Concerned only with what is visible or obvious; lacking a depth of understanding
  2. b The result of the events of 1905 is known as the
  3. c Writers wrote a "new reality" of life. Also known as propaganda. They said great things about heros and achievements even though it wasn't true
  4. d With a great deal of enthusiasm or excitement towards a particular action or cause
  5. e Their hope was to drive the Bolsheviks out of power because the Bolsheviks represented communism and they represented capitalism

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  1. they are members of the middle class. They are mostly thought as being conservative and materialistic
  2. To limit or forcibly stop; to stop the activities of a particular political group
  3. In theory, the king owned all or most of the land and gave it to his leading nobles in return for their loyalty and military service.
  4. They were the most prosperous peasants. They opposed collectivation.
  5. Going against one's own country by fighting against your own country or aiding the enemy (see Benedict Arnold

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  1. Fashionablecurrent and popular in style


  2. U.S.S.R.They were the most prosperous peasants. They opposed collectivation.


  3. ProvisionalTo remove permanently or expel someone from a particular place


  4. PurgeTo get rid of a nation or government of someone who is viewed as undesirable


  5. RebellionAn uprising or organized opposition intended to change the existing government. It often demonstrate opposition but may not lead to revolution


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