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  1. intensive agriculture
  2. exports of China
  3. exports of Taiwan
  4. China agriculture
  5. imports of Japan
  1. a raw goods
  2. b a lot of labor but not a lot of land
  3. c wheat and rice, fishing
  4. d heavy machinery, equipment, electronics
  5. e consumer goods

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  1. harvest two crops in one area
  2. rice fields
  3. when an economy has more exports than imports
  4. air, land, water pollution, erosion
  5. when you manufacture goods to export them instead of for domestic use

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  1. Natural Resourcesraise or harvest marine life


  2. China's known for its__________textile industries and factories


  3. disadvantages of three gorges damclean, environmentally friendly, makes up for burning coal, reduces greenhouse gases, water provided free by nature, low operations and maintenance costs


  4. hydroelectric powerThree Gorges Dam


  5. Climatedeserts, mountains, rivers


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