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  1. exports of China
  2. Climate
  3. aquaculture
  4. China agriculture
  5. exports of Japan
  1. a wheat and rice, fishing
  2. b raise or harvest marine life
  3. c mild humid subtropical climate, warm humid summer, dry cold winter
  4. d consumer goods
  5. e cars, machinery, electronics

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  1. air, land, water pollution, erosion
  2. raw goods
  3. a lot of labor but not a lot of land
  4. agriculture, minerals, hydroelectric power
  5. heavy machinery, equipment, electronics

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  1. benefits of 3 gorges damheavy machinery, equipment, electronics


  2. Landformsrice fields


  3. export economyconsumer goods


  4. hydroelectric powerforce from falling water turns turbine, then turns generator, creates electrical power


  5. disadvantages of three gorges damre-locate people, lose valuable land, costs lots of money, fish passage restriction, change shape of river, could cause river to get muddy


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