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Plant-like Protists (Ch. 20) Test

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  1. slime mold
  2. macronucleus
  3. They produce most of the atmosphere's oxygen
  4. in/on/around water
  5. Ameoba
  1. a Where are green algae found?
  2. b What is an example of sarcodina?
  3. c How are phytoplankton helpful?
  4. d What are fungus-like protists called?
  5. e What paramecium organelle controls all metabolic functions?

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Stem-like structure of algae
  2. What are characteristics of protozoans?
  3. What paramecium organelle controls waste?
  4. How are protozoans classified?
  5. Are brown algae unicellular or multicellular?

5 True/False Questions

  1. pellicleHow do paramecium move?


  2. gulletUnicellular algae with animal and plant-like characteristics are called _____.


  3. AlgaeAlgae that contains phycobilins


  4. Filamentus; Spiral chloroplastWhat paramecium organelle controls waste?


  5. conjugationWhat is sexual reproduction called in paramecia? Does it create new paramecia?


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