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  1. Plasmodium
  2. catching it and taking it into a vacuole (fagocytosis)
  3. holdfast
  4. eukaryotic, multi/unicellular, auto/heterotr
  5. anal pore
  1. a How do ameoba get food?
  2. b What are characteristics of protozoans?
  3. c Root-like structure of algae
  4. d What paramecium organelle controls waste?
  5. e What is an example of sporozoa?

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  1. What is the reproductive stage of slime mold called?
  2. What paramecium organelle controls food storage?
  3. How do paramecium get food?
  4. Biologists believe that green algae gave rise to _____.
  5. How are algae similar to plants?

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  1. Photosynthetic microorganisms in waterHow are algae classified?


  2. Filamentus; Spiral chloroplastWhat type of algae is Spirogyra?


  3. in/on/around waterWhere are green algae found?


  4. macronucleusWhat paramecium organelle controls sexual reproduction?


  5. flagellaHow does giardia move?


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