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  1. Equal Protection Clause
  2. Demurrer
  3. Legislative Power
  4. Summary Judgement
  5. Judicial Branch
  1. a Pass new enabling acts, control the budget, veto the Executive choices of Agency head.
  2. b A final binding determination on the merits made by the judge before trial.
  3. c Motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim.
  4. d Interpret the law
  5. e 14th Amendment

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  1. The whole or part of an agency statement of general or particular applicability and future effect designed to implement, interpret, or process law or policy.
  2. Opening, closing, directive verdict, jury instructions.
  3. Judicial review after exhausting all adminstrative remedies.
  4. Order
  5. A final binding determination on the merits made by the judge after the contrary to the jury's verdict.

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  1. Government in the Sunshine ActCannot have a quorome. Meetings must be in public.


  2. EnforcementProcess by which agencies determine whether their rules have been violated.


  3. Rite of SereciousityThe way to the Supreme Court.


  4. Freedom of Information ActHaving a right to most records of federal adminstrative agencies.


  5. Administrative PowerAppoint the head of the Agency, give Executive orders, and have veto powers.


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