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  1. when the pituitary gland secretes its hormones, it triggers the gonads to do what?
  2. result of quitting smoking?
  3. passive victims can usually not read what 2 things effectively?
  4. what is the cause of grey hair?
  5. what 4 traits are emphasized amongst both genders in searching for a partner?
  1. a begin secreting its hormones
  2. b enormous health benefits
  3. c decrease in the number of pigment producing cells
  4. d negative feedback and signals
  5. e dependability, emotional stability, kindness, understanding

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  1. exclusive long-lasting relationship
  2. receive neurochemical input from other neurons
  3. applying reason and evidence, identifying strengths and weaknesses of an argument, aware of multiple perspectives and truths
  4. honeymooners
  5. 2 times

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  1. recent research has shown bullying continues until when?increasing


  2. what are the 7 impacts of bullying left on the victim?history of depression, multiple life stressors, frequent parent/child conflict, breakup of relationship, humiliation if caught in antisocial act


  3. the time frame of adolescence and early adulthood is doing what as children are developing sooner?stretching


  4. medical rx for smoking ailments cost how much per year?threats of suicide, preoccupation with death, changes in eating/sleeping, loss of interest in activities that were once important, changes in personality, feelings of helplessness, giving away possessions.


  5. what % of students said they intercede when relational aggression is occurring?16%


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