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  1. who wrote queens and wannabees?
  2. positive resolution
  3. there is an (increase/decrease) in "best friends" during adolescence?
  4. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity foreclosure?
  5. postformal thought
  1. a intimacy, committed relationship with sacrifce and compromise
  2. b accept contradiction, and integrate differing view points into a larger conceptual understanding
  3. c high level of commitment, low level of exploration
  4. d wiseman, 2002
  5. e decrease

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  1. muscle growth, gains in body size, sexual characteristics
  2. seeking out rewards; positive social interactions, thrills, etc.
  3. enter puberty earlier
  4. 3 times
  5. enormous health benefits

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  1. imaginary audiencegrowth of hair, skin changes, and sexual desire


  2. how many in 4 teens have reported binge drinking in the last month?2 times


  3. what is the age of eriksons stage #5?intrinsic and extrinsic career rewards


  4. what is the highest risk factor for suicide?firearms in the home


  5. what is emerging adulthood devoted to?begins after high school, and tapers off toward end of the 20's


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