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  1. what program began in norway, and is now spreading across the united state?
  2. as you age, it takes longer for your body to do what two things?
  3. what part of the brain do adolescents engage more?
  4. by the end of high school, which gender uses the most relational aggression?
  5. in college we revise what 2 areas?
  1. a adapt and recover
  2. b attitudes and values
  3. c amygdala
  4. d both genders equal
  5. e olewus program

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  1. physical
  2. emotion
  3. women: 20.3; men: 22.8
  4. goals/values, vocation, politics, religion, sex
  5. do not drink at all

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  1. hypothalamic hormone causes the pituitary to do what?secrete its hormones


  2. what age group often feels self-conscious, embarrassed, awkward, lonely, nervous, and ignored?adolescents


  3. what is conducted every 5 years?the national study of the changing workforce (NSCW)


  4. in college, we develop a firmer what?sense of identity


  5. in college, we often start to foster a concern for what?individual rights and human welfare


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