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  1. what % of students said they intercede when relational aggression is occurring?
  2. moratorium
  3. what do bullies show an increased risk for?
  4. asynchrony
  5. what happens when girls get more estrogen?
  1. a breasts and uterus to mature, fat to accumulate, regulate menstrual cycle
  2. b 16%
  3. c depression/suicide
  4. d actively searching out possibilities to find an adult life path. mature style to finding an I.D.
  5. e uneven growth

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  1. encourage socially positive behavior, promote shared deviance
  2. white matter volume
  3. 2 times
  4. belief that one is immune to common dangers
  5. a sense of group/belonging

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  1. which gender has less job security?women


  2. due to the way media portrays men and women, what is at an increased risk during adolescence?decrease


  3. 2 factors that tend to increase chances of having sexthreats of suicide, preoccupation with death, changes in eating/sleeping, loss of interest in activities that were once important, changes in personality, feelings of helplessness, giving away possessions.


  4. passive victims tend to rack how amongst their peers?low/less popular


  5. when does coordination peak?limited cohabitation, premarital cohabitation, substitute marriage


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