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  1. 3 general changes during puberty
  2. puberty
  3. which gender has a less continuous career?
  4. recently there has been an increase in what type of aggression with girls?
  5. what is the indication of conflict in a teen-parent relationship mean?
  1. a boys get more testosterone, girls get more estrogen, menarche
  2. b nothing, does not indicate a poor relationship.
  3. c the set of biological processes that change the immature child into a sexually mature person
  4. d women
  5. e physical

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  1. slower to develop than piaget thought, not universal, cant reason like scientists, cannot debate an abstract thought
  2. engage in more positive interactions than negative, dont be personal when arguing, use a communal mode of love, view negative interactions as situational rather than personal
  3. early 20's
  4. rates; sequences
  5. boys

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  1. what 3 factors increase happiness and reduce loneliness?intimacy, commitment, and support


  2. what is the conflict of erikson's stage #5?identity versus role confusion


  3. the time frame of adolescence and early adulthood is doing what as children are developing sooner?can reason at an abstract scientific level


  4. in eriksons 6th stage, what must be balanced?needs for independence and intimacy


  5. by the end of high school, which gender uses the most relational aggression?both genders equal


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