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  1. what is the highest risk factor for suicide?
  2. what 6 areas does college improve?
  3. in college we develop a greater what?
  4. medical rx for smoking ailments cost how much per year?
  5. examples of gonads
  1. a verbal skills, quantitative skills, knowledge in subject areas, oral communication skills, written communication skills, problem-solving
  2. b over 1 billion
  3. c self-understanding
  4. d firearms in the home
  5. e testes and ovaries

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  1. intimacy and loyalty
  2. under 13
  3. mid-adolescence
  4. larger
  5. 20's-30's

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  1. completed suicides are higher for what gender and why?50%


  2. who "modified" Hall's storm and stress theory of adolescent development?deciding who to be in making the transition into adulthood


  3. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity moratorium?low level of commitment, high level of exploration


  4. who is the storm and stress theory by?Hall


  5. what can be used to diffuse a bullying situation?humor


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