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  1. what age group is most at risk for depression?
  2. what can be used to diffuse a bullying situation?
  3. the increased size in frontal lobe gray matter at puberty that then decreases suggests what about synapses?
  4. when does the adrenal gland peak?
  5. 3 general changes during puberty
  1. a late childhood and adolescence
  2. b early 20s
  3. c boys get more testosterone, girls get more estrogen, menarche
  4. d humor
  5. e overproduction of synapses then pruning back

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  1. measured amount of myelin, saw large increases in myelin during adolescence and beyond.
  2. constructing an adult life
  3. girls
  4. sense of identity
  5. we select a mate that is similar to us

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  1. passive victims can usually not read what 2 things effectively?hands, feet, legs


  2. what biological change in girls makes them more likely to experience depression?late childhood and adolescence


  3. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity moratorium?low level of commitment, high level of exploration


  4. during adolescence, what often happens to formal religious participation?individual rights and human welfare


  5. myelinwhite matter volume


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