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  1. what is conducted every 5 years?
  2. what program began in norway, and is now spreading across the united state?
  3. 10 factors predicting marital satisfaction
  4. college prepares students for what?
  5. identity foreclosure
  1. a the national study of the changing workforce (NSCW)
  2. b to be lifelong learners
  3. c olewus program
  4. d identity acquisition without thought or active search
  5. e communication of emotion, homogamy, age at marriage, length of courtship, timing of first pregnancy, warm and positive relationship with extended family, financial and employment security, personality characteristics, realistic expectations

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  1. reasoning about propositions that may/may not affect reality
  2. depression/suicide
  3. inner fulfillment: satisfy creativity, autonomy, relatedness
  4. 12.5
  5. passion, intimacy, and commitment

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  1. when does physical strength peak?around 30


  2. identitywhite matter volume


  3. 3 examples of risky behavior in adolescence that can lead to injury and death?driving, drug use, suicide


  4. dendrites are part of what?receive neurochemical input from other neurons


  5. completed suicides are higher for what gender and why?stressful life events in adolescence, being a male, belief that drinking is part of college social scene


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