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  1. what often controls male behavior?
  2. Hall saw rapid fluctuations amongst what in adolescents?
  3. without intimacy, what 3 things do we face?
  4. what is the task of eriksons stage #5?
  5. myelin
  1. a isolation, loneliness, and self-absorbtion
  2. b white matter volume
  3. c mood
  4. d cliques
  5. e identity versus role confusion

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  1. staying up later and sleeping in
  2. slower to develop than piaget thought, not universal, cant reason like scientists, cannot debate an abstract thought
  3. response to similar events more extreme than preteens/adults
  4. study of major depressive disorder
  5. women

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  1. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity moratorium?identity achievement, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, identity diffusion


  2. what three things do we usually see during emerging adulthood?growth in muscle, increase in fat, weight gain


  3. what is the highest risk factor for suicide?firearms in the home


  4. in college, we often start to foster a concern for what?enter puberty earlier


  5. average age for women/men to marry in 2003?women: 25.3; men: 27.1


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