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developmental psych exam 3 Test

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  1. who are adolescents role models, that define their code/culture?
  2. what happens to a couples level of happiness after children leave?
  3. 3 examples of risky behavior in adolescence that can lead to injury and death?
  4. limited cohabitation
  5. what is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst american youth?
  1. a peers
  2. b based on convenience. sharing of expenses and sex. no long-term commitment
  3. c driving, drug use, suicide
  4. d suicide
  5. e it grows

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  1. adolescents are now aware of changing body
  2. adrenal gland and HPG axis
  3. perceptions
  4. 16%
  5. 1%

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  1. what are the levels of commitment and exploration in identity moratorium?low level of commitment, high level of exploration


  2. biological agingdeclines in the functioning of organs and systems


  3. what are the 3 central characteristics of postformal thought?intimacy versus isolation


  4. second-order thinkingthinking about thoughts


  5. what do ovaries produce?estrogen


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