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  1. direkt
  2. sich kümmern um
  3. Sei mir nicht böse.
  4. bitten
  5. hat gebeten um
  1. a Don't be mad at me.
  2. b to have asked for, have requested
  3. c to look after, take care of; to deal with
  4. d to ask for, request
  5. e direct(ly)

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  1. to be afraid of
  2. to take along
  3. the help
  4. to have taken along
  5. skied

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  1. Herein!Come in!


  2. Es kommt darauf depends.


  3. sich interessieren ≠ sich langweilento be interested in


  4. sich gewöhnen an (acc.)to get used to


  5. die Schalterthe counters, windows


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