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  1. benign
  2. Index to Procedures and Tabular List (ICD-9-CM), coding conventions
    code also any synchronous
    omit code
  3. uncertain behavior
  4. contiguous site, or overlapping site
  5. see also condition
  1. a it is not possible to predict subsequent morphology or behavior from the submitted specimen. In order to assign a code fro the column, the pathology report must specifically indicate the "uncertain behavior" of the neoplasm
  2. b ...
  3. c not cancerous
  4. d occur when the origin of the tumor involves two adjacent sites
  5. e refers the coder directly to the Tabular List category (three-digit code) for code assignment

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  1. (previously found in Appendix B of ICD-9-CM) consisted of an alphabetic listing of terms and definitions based on those contained in ICD-9-CM and input from the American Psychiatric Association's Task Force on Nomenclature and Statistics
  2. (found in Appendix E of ICD-9-CM) contains a breakdown of three-digit category codes organized beneath section headings
  3. are contained in boxes to define terms, clarify index entries, and list choices for additional digits
  4. occur as a result of an overdose, wrong substance administered or taken, or intoxication
  5. disorders diagnosed in infants at birth

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  1. Classification of Drugs by AHFS Lista malignant tumor that is localized, circumscribed, encapsulated, and nonevasive (has not spread to deeper or adjacent tissues or organs)


  2. metastaticsecondary malignancies are metastic and indicate that a primary cancer has spread to another part of the body


  3. preadmission testing (PAT)completed prior to an in-patient admission or outpatient surgery to facilitate the patient's treatment and reduce the length of stay


  4. perinatal periodthe first 28 days of life


  5. overlapping site, or contiguousoccur when the origin of the tumor (primary site) involves two adjacent sites


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