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  1. late effect
  2. adverse reaction, or adverse effect
  3. axis of classification
  4. iatrogenic illness
  5. nonessential modifier
  1. a (organizing entities, diseases, and other conditions according to etiology, anatomy, or severity)
  2. b the appearance of a pathologic condition caused by ingestion of exposure to a chemical substance properly administered or taken
  3. c results from medical intervention (e.g. adverse reaction to contrast material injected prior to a scan)
  4. d a residual effect or sequela of a previous acute illness, injury, or surgery
  5. e subterms that are enclosed in parentheses following the main term. They clarify the code selection, but they do not have to be present in the provider's diagnostic statement

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  1. also called concurrent condition or comorbidity; coexists with the primary condition; has the potential to affect treatment of the primary condition, and is an active condition for which the patient is being treated
  2. it is not possible to predict subsequent morphology or behavior from the submitted specimen. In order to assign a code fro the column, the pathology report must specifically indicate the "uncertain behavior" of the neoplasm
  3. automates the coding process using computerized or web-based software; instead of manually looking up conditions (or procedures) in the coding manual index, the coder uses the software's search features to locate and verify diagnosis and procedure codes.
  4. secondary malignancies are metastic and indicate that a primary cancer has spread to another part of the body
  5. (previously found in Appendix B of ICD-9-CM) consisted of an alphabetic listing of terms and definitions based on those contained in ICD-9-CM and input from the American Psychiatric Association's Task Force on Nomenclature and Statistics

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  1. overlapping site, or contiguousoccurs before birth, during birth, or within the first 28 days of life


  2. Index to Procedures and Tabular List (ICD-9-CM), coding conventions
    code also any synchronous
    omit code


  3. secondary procedureadditional procedures performed during the same encounter as the principal procedures


  4. sequetaelate effects of injury or illness


  5. malignantcancerous


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