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  1. Punitive damages
  2. Negligence
  3. Clearly erroneous
  4. Remand
  5. Recidivist
  1. a A repeat offender; one who continues to commit more crimes.
  2. b When an appellate court sends a case back to the trial court for a new trial or other action.
  3. c Money awarded to a plaintiff in cases of intentional torts in order to punish the defendant and serve as a warning to others.
  4. d The failure to act reasonably under the circumstances.
  5. e Standard used by appellate courts when reviewing a trail court's findings of fact.

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  1. A set charge for a specific service, such as drafting a simple will.
  2. A person who assists an attorney and, working under the attorney's supervision, does tasks that, absent the paralegal, the attorney would do. A paralegal cannot give advice or appear in court.
  3. The delivery of a pleading or other paper in a lawsuit to the opposing party.
  4. Bad act.
  5. A court where a permanent record is kept of the testimony, lawyers' remarks, and judges' rulings.

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  1. Derogation of the common lawUsed to describe legislation that changes the common law.


  2. Tort lawRules of conduct promulgated and enforced by the government.


  3. Cross-claimA claim by one defendant against another defendant or by one plaintiff against another plaintiff.


  4. WarrantA court's prior permission for the police to search and seize.


  5. Direct examinationThe questioning of your own witness.


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