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  1. Questions of fact
  2. Dissenting opinion
  3. Information
  4. Service
  5. Substantive law
  1. a Questions relating to what happened: who, what, when, where, and how.
  2. b The delivery of a pleading or other paper in a lawsuit to the opposing party.
  3. c Law that creates rights and duties.
  4. d An opinion that disagrees with the majority's decision and its reasoning.
  5. e A prosecutor's written accusation that a given individual has committed a crime.

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  1. Being the victim of repeated attacks, self-defense is sometimes allowed to the victim, even when the victim is not in immediate danger.
  2. The justified use of force to protect oneself or others.
  3. The standard of proof used in criminal trials. The evidence represented must be so conclusive and complete that all reasonable doubts regarding the facts are removed from the jurors' minds.
  4. Courts that determine the facts and apply the law to the facts.
  5. The power of the federal courts to hear matters of state law if the opposing parties are from different states and the amounts in controversy exceeds $75,000.00

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  1. Clear and convincingThe standard of proof used in some civil trials. The evidence presented must be greater than a preponderance of the evidence but less than beyond a reasonable doubt.


  2. Real propertyLand and objects permanently attached to land.


  3. WarrantA court's prior permission for the police to search and seize.


  4. ArrestDefendant's reply to the complaint. It may contain statements of denial, admission, or lack of knowledge and affirmative defenses.


  5. Procedural lawLaw that deals with harm to an individual.


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