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  1. Warrant
  2. Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine
  3. Civil law
  4. Derogation of the common law
  5. Writ of habeas corpus
  1. a Law that deals with harm to an individual.
  2. b Used to describe legislation that changes the common law.
  3. c A request that the court release the defendant because of the illegality of the incarceration.
  4. d Evidence that is derived from an illegal search or interrogation is inadmissible.
  5. e A court's prior permission for the police to search and seize.

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  1. A professional entity in which the owners share in the organization's profits but are not liable for the malpractice of their partners.
  2. The process of finding the law.
  3. An agreement supported by consideration.
  4. Simultaneously representing adverse clients.
  5. Law that deals with harm to a person or a person's property.

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  1. Clearly erroneousStandard used by appellate courts when reviewing a trail court's findings of fact.


  2. Power of judicial reviewA method for excusing a prospective juror; no reason need be given.


  3. 9th CircuitWhich circuit are we in within the appeals court?


  4. Executeto perform


  5. LawsMoney or something else of value that is held by the government to ensure the defendant's appearance in court.


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