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  1. Writ of execution
  2. Overbreadth
  3. Court of record
  4. Notice
  5. Limited jurisdiction
  1. a A court's power to hear only specialized cases.
  2. b Being informed of some act done or about to be done.
  3. c A court order authorizing a sheriff to take property in order to enforce a judgment.
  4. d A reason for invalidating a statute where it covers both protected and criminal activity.
  5. e A court where a permanent record is kept of the testimony, lawyers' remarks, and judges' rulings.

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  1. Federal and state rules that regulate how criminal proceedings are conducted.
  2. An opinion in which a majority of the court joins.
  3. The application of legal rules to a client's specific factual situation; also known as legal analysis.
  4. A law enacted by a state legislature or by Congress.
  5. A defendant's personal promise to appear in court.

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  1. Pretrial conferenceLand and objects permanently attached to land.


  2. CounterclaimIn a complaint, one cause of action.


  3. Bench trialA trial conducted without a jury.


  4. MistrialA trial ended by the judge because of a major problem, such as a prejudicial statement by one of the attorneys.


  5. Contingency feeAttorney compensation as a precentage of the amount recovered rather than a flat amount of money or an hourly fee.


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